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Spring into Web Design Trends

When was the last time you updated your website? An outdated website says far more about your organization than you realize, so it’s important to keep things fresh. What better time for a website update than spring?

Website Design Trends for 2016 & 2017 | Kraus Marketing | NJ & NY

Animation in Website Design is Trending: What Should I Know?

While animated cursors seemed to have stayed behind with butterfly clips and fear about Y2K, animation itself is alive and well in the world of web design. A top trend for 2018 websites, animation comes in various forms, including constant motion or hover animations (the kind you have to hover your cursor over to see movement).

Learn how to use animation the right way in your website design with these top five tips.

Kraus Marketing

5 Top Tips for Sticking That Landing-Page

Gymnastics mostly consists of incredible feats of athleticism leaving the audience wondering how any of those tricks are humanly possible, but all those tumbles and flips boil down to the final moment where the gymnast is expected to stick the landing.

The same goes for your website—you put so much time and effort into promotion and ads, but it’s when your audience gets to your website that you need to stick the landing page. Conversions are imperative to the success of a campaign, so follow these top five tips to really make your website landing page stand out.