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Say you’re in the market for a new washing machine. How do you go about finding the best one? You conduct a search online and make your choice based upon product pricing, availability, and the reputation of the various competing brands. But, with all of the possible search results online, even some of the best companies can get lost in the mix. By implementing a PPC campaign, your brand can swoop into the scene, surpass your competitors, and improve your chances of making a sale.

Explain to Me What This PPC Campaign Is All About

Pay-per-click, or PPC, as it’s usually referred to, is a great way to get your website, both on mobile and on desktop, to show up higher in search engine marketing (SEM). With a strong PPC campaign, you will rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, surpassing organically derived results. All search results that appear because of a PPC campaign are distinguished with the word “Ad” displayed next to the URL.

In case you haven’t guessed it so far, PPC requires a friendly ad spend budget to run and help generate leads. The ad budget allows for a marketing campaign with quicker results amongst search engines than one using SEO tactics alone. You pay whenever a user clicks on your advertisement and is taken to your website. So, the more clicks you receive, the more you end up paying. Seems fair.

What Makes My Campaign Ads More Relevant Than My Competitors?

PPC is all about the keywords, and as a marketing agency, we know a thing or two about keyword research. Keywords are what help search engines, such as Google, show users results that most closely match their search query. Specific keywords cost more money than others, which is often dependent on your industry or what products you are looking to advertise.

Before setting up your campaign, Kraus will meet with you to draft a strategy brief that best encompasses the overall goals of your campaign. Your account will be monitored to ensure the right audience and locations are not only seeing your ads but also interacting with them without breaking your allotted budget.

Still Not Convinced PPC Is Right for You?

  • PPC advertising is diligent in the fact that after creating a PPC campaign, you can adjust your account in real time and see results immediately.
  • PPC can actually save you money (music to your ears, we’re sure). If you have keyword ‘niche’ words that have a small bid, you can generate traffic for a fraction of the price.
  • PPC keeps you responsible with your money. PPC campaigns allow you to track your spending towards it and, from there, you can raise or lower your budget depending on your traffic and cost per click.
  • PPC can help you reap the benefits through display advertising or re-targeting, ensuring your ads show up online for potential customer’s, even after leaving your website.

Don’t be that company – the one that has so much to offer but gets left in the dust online by all the other competing companies. With a well-planned PPC campaign, your website will be listed in the sponsored or featured section at the top of search engines, ensuring that you get the word out NOW about your product or service. PPC doesn’t take days or weeks to kick in, it happens instantly, and the results are measurable.

Here at Kraus Marketing, we will take the time to research what keyword terms work best for your company, developing a customized strategy that improves your search engine rankings. Call us today to discuss a budget! Kraus Marketing’s pay-per-click program for websites can get your site listed where it should be… on top! Request a meeting with us to learn more.

  • Our Client:

    A local political campaign looking to win an upcoming election through paid digital advertisements.

    Campaign Goals:

    The goal was to create a PPC campaign that garnered traction, and ideally votes, for a group of candidates in their upcoming election. The campaign was only set to run for a little over a week.

    Client Success:In just a little over a week, this campaign saw:

    • 875,820 Impressions
    • 1,103 Link Clicks
    • Over 70,000 people reached in just the Top Performing Ad alone


    The above figures show that even a short run PPC campaign can produce excellent results when executed properly, along with a healthy budget and careful ad monitoring. The candidates ended up winning their election.

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