Non-Profit Marketing Case Study

The non-profit Structure

Kraus Marketing’s non-profit campaigns center around expanding the reach of the services offered by these impressive organizations. By launching a social media campaign, we boosted awareness around their work and generated new participants for events. This work is incredibly rewarding when seeing the full impact our efforts have made.

The Campaign & Their Goals

Our Clients:

  • NJ Audubon is an environmental education and conservation advocacy organization.
  • Feed the Front Line is a local charity dedicated to supporting the Front Line during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campaign Goals:

  • NJ Audubon: The goal was to launch a social media campaign to raise awareness about an upcoming event through landing page promotion as well as boost their organization’s digital presence.
  • Feed the Front Line: The goal was to build awareness around the charity and increase the number of volunteers and participating businesses. These efforts included launching a landing page for the volunteers to sign up and making a social media presence to increase the charity’s reach.

Client Success: NJ Audubon

We were able to reach 519,554 people through our campaign efforts from April 1 to May 1, 2020, as well as:

  • New Sessions on the landing page saw an increase of 84%.
  • Landing Page Views saw a total of 15,803 visitors, while Facebook Pageviews saw 57,200 visitors.
  • Facebook Performance saw a substantial increase for impressions, engagements, and post link clicks of 1,260%1,119%, and 2,434%, respectively.

Client Success: Feed The Frontline

Through our campaign efforts, we were able to raise $66,615 within the first 60 days of the charity launching, as well as:

  • Meals Donated and delivered have reached 7,600, going to over 125 front line organizations with the help of about 50 participating local businesses.
  • Landing Page Views saw 3,690 visitors with an incredibly low Bounce Rate of 4%.
  • Facebook and Instagram Performance have generated a reach of 34,185 people.

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The above figures reveal two successful social media campaigns thus far. Our services allowed these non-profit clients to continue their incredible efforts while the team at Kraus Marketing worked to build awareness for their respective organizations and increase user engagement. As both are ongoing campaigns, we continue to publish up-to-date information and images for these clients and monitor their growing social media presence.

While the statistics show a great campaign, the more important numbers to us at Kraus Marketing are how many more people our non-profit clients can help because of our work.

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