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A Cost-Effective Solution

Enterprise-level companies often face challenges when it comes to their bandwidth and capabilities. Whether they’re impacted by day-to-day availability, staff constraints, or limited expertise, the issue remains the same—the need for an outsourced marketing agency to help strategize and execute the necessary marketing efforts.

At Kraus Marketing, we can handle your company’s advertising and promotional needs—including graphic design, UX design, website development, social content and advertising, SEO, email marketing, videography, photography, media buys, and reporting—so you can focus entirely on running your enterprise.

Even companies with a large in-house marketing team can benefit from partnering with an outsourced marketing agency like Kraus Marketing, as we provide additional bandwidth and capabilities to assist you. For example, our dedicated team of creative minds and proven strategists can help if you don’t have a specific specialty available in-house. Plus, working with our industry experts can help you reduce your annual expenses by eliminating the need for internal hires due to cyclical workload demands.

What Our Outsourced Marketing Agency Offers

  • Brand identity. A memorable brand is like a fingerprint…unique to only you! Your brand should radiate your company’s beliefs and ideas through every meaningful interaction with your customers. Through detailed market research and internal workshopping, we’ll mold your brand image into one that truly resonates with your target audience, through meaningful colors, imagery, messaging, and more.
  • Website design & development. As many enterprise businesses understand, a well-designed website can give your audience a dependable impression on your products or services. If your website looks ancient, unappealing, or is hard to navigate, your audience will immediately look elsewhere. At Kraus Marketing, we won’t give your competitors any more advantages. We’ll construct an eye-catching, mesmerizing, and easy-to-navigate website your customers will want to visit again and again.
  • Campaign creation. Campaigns make businesses of all magnitudes more memorable and relatable, including enterprise businesses. Have your message stick with your consumers long after your campaigns have ended with Kraus Marketing. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to keep your customers’ attention.
  • SEO. Speaking of tricks, there are hidden tactics to get more people to your enterprise website. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, amplifies your website’s visibility and increases the chance of it being found. Kraus Marketing can help your company soar past your rivals and claim top spots on search engines—and in the minds of your target audience.
  • PPC. Effectively running an enterprise includes implementing data-rich steps that positively impact your revenue. Kraus Marketing understands this, which is why we utilize Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns that allow us to easily track analytics to create ideal ads aimed to grow your audience and ROI.
  • Social media. Social media allows users to uniquely and intimately interact with brands on a much deeper level than in the past. That’s why Kraus Marketing believes having a potent social media strategy is one of the best ways to give consumers unique opportunities to engage with your enterprise.
  • Email marketing. Email marketing allows you to smoothly check in on your website visitors and customers—and potential ones—by sending engaging content directly to their inbox. Ensure your clients stay up-to-date on news and special offers about your enterprise with a strategic email campaign crafted by the experts at Kraus Marketing.
  • If you’re an enterprise level client or your business is overwhelmed with its current marketing initiatives, it may be time to consider partnering with an agency like Kraus Marketing. Check out our case study below to see how we helped a large corporation as their outsourced marketing agency, driving continued success for their business.

    Our Client:

    A full-service, independently owned elevator company headquartered in New York City and with branches throughout the Tri-State Area. The company focuses on elevator maintenance, repair, violation removal, commercial & residential elevator installation, and testing. The client is continuingly growing, as they are always interested in growth through acquisition.

    Client Challenge:

    The client is an enterprise-level company servicing other enterprise-level companies. As a result, they did not have the bandwidth to consistently strategize, create, and execute digital marketing tactics. In addition, they are in a competitive space and needed to promote their differentiators to stand out from competitors, as well as highlight their company culture due to growth through hiring and acquisition.

    The Kraus Solution:

    To improve the client’s online presence, we launched a digital marketing campaign including SEO, social media, and email marketing. We drafted elevator industry-focused blogs and social posts to establish the client as the leading authority in the field. Emails were created to boost traffic to the blogs that were published, and we also created an award-winning quarterly digital and print newsletter to showcase internal happenings and company successes.

    Client Success:

    Through a strategic digital marketing campaign over the course of 3.5 years, Kraus was able to boost traffic to the client’s website and vastly improve their marketing efforts.

    We noticed that the SEO optimized content and social media content we created made a particularly significant impact, and throughout the entire campaign we were able to generate a total of:

    • 37,075 website users (33.42% of total site users) resulting from organic traffic, with 36,205 new users
    • Organic traffic accounted for 41.99% of all goal completions
    • 25,058 website users (22.59% of total site users) resulting from social media traffic, with 24,587 new users
    • The client’s overall Facebook campaign reached 3,241,904 users, garnered 12,072 visits, and received 1,152 new Page likes
    • The clients’ Facebook ad campaign reached 680,135 users and generated 2,160,854 impressions

    In addition to these improved stats, we were able to assist the client in streamlining their daily communications and content creation as well as launching strategic campaigns that set them apart from their competition.

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