Logo Design Agency to Make Your Brand Front-of-Mind

You have a brand, but do you have a logo to showcase it?

Don’t get us wrong, a brand encompasses much more than a logo, but that doesn’t mean having a solid logo isn’t important. Your logo is a visual extension of your brand. When designed correctly – with meaning and visually pleasing aesthetics, your logo can be the perfect front-man for consumers to recognize and interact with your business. When consumers can recognize your company from your logo alone, you know you’ve done something right.

Your logo delivers the promise of quality and value that your company has established. Over time, consumers gradually learn to trust your brand and the products and organizations it is associated with. It is used throughout your website, social media, print materials, office buildings, corporate vehicles, package designs, and more – so make it worth a double take!

We offer logo design and branding services that strengthen your brand’s identity and gives your branding a breath of fresh air.

Not looking to change things up too much?

As a logo design agency, we also offer our clients logo updates. This means taking the core of your existing logo, or maybe just your favorite parts, and bringing it all up to speed. Perhaps what you have is just a bit dated, or maybe the colors just aren’t working anymore. We’ll make the necessary changes to match your latest branding strategy and will even incorporate a visual of your logo evolution to showcase the transformation.

Let’s collaborate

Logo design is essentially the seal of approval that ties your entire brand vision together. After we help you explore every aspect of your brand fully, our talented graphic designers will incorporate fresh colors and dynamic designs to bring your brand to life. Whether you are a new company yet to develop a logo or an existing one in need of something new, Kraus has you covered. Contact us today to get started on your next logo!