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As a company offering professional services, you serve your clients with dedication and skill built from years of experience. Clients expect the other aspects of your business to match, including your website and your marketing efforts. But just because you succeed in your area of expertise does not mean that you have the necessary time or capabilities to succeed on all sides. That’s where an experienced professional services marketing agency like Kraus comes in.

At Kraus Marketing, we craft specialized integrated digital marketing campaigns to draw the right picture of your brand. No matter what goals you have for your marketing strategies, we have the expertise to help you build a foundation to stand out and stand strong.

What We Offer

  • Brand identity. As an organization dedicated to its customers, the necessity to maintain loyalty and recognition is important. This is achieved through a consistent, positive brand identity. The way that you choose colors, fonts, imagery, and messaging will establish the identity of your brand in the minds of your customers and set you apart from the competition.
  • Website design & development. You’re a professional services company, so you understand the importance of streamlined design and functionality. Your website should show that. A modern website that’s fast, easily navigable, and information-rich can make the difference in the first impressions of prospective customers.
  • Campaign creation. A great campaign can spread word of your business far and wide. Depending on your goals, campaigns can also take your brand further into the future, whether they are boosting awareness of your brand, promoting a product, or championing a charitable cause.
  • SEO. Climb the ladder on result pages and rank high to boost your credibility and reach. Smart SEO practices like using the right keywords, writing great content, and understanding Google’s processes will position your brand as a reputable voice in the professional services industry.
  • PPC. If you want faster results on search engines than the long-haul of SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can offer more immediate results and greater control, as well as easy access to tracked analytics. PPC helps you get your brand in front of the right audience right away.
  • Social media. Manage your brand’s reputation, reach a large customer base, and sell your services directly to consumers while they’re browsing on social media. A large majority of your audience is active on these platforms whether you know it or not, and that means you’re getting a lot of benefits for your efforts.
  • Email marketing. It’s true, email is here to stay and could be doing a lot for your business to help reach your target audience. Email works to keep current and potential clients informed about new services, deals, or company updates- all at a low cost.
  • Website Design and SEO/SEM for a CAD Drafting Services Provider

    Our Client:

    An outsourced CAD drafting services provider (US-based, but operates on an international scale)

    Campaign Goal:

    To work with Kraus Marketing to increase their digital presence. This includes building and maintaining a website with the intention of it becoming a main lead generator. On top of a dynamic, visually appealing website, the client also utilized our SEO and Paid Search services to increase search engine rankings and user visibility.

    Client Success:

    The client’s statistics (before beginning fully integrated work with Kraus Marketing) show over a 50% increase a year after working with us in many significant areas of the website.

    • New Users on the site increased by 104%, as well as an overall increase of Users by 105%.
    • Pageviews saw a substantial increase of 187% and Pages per Session also rose by 45%.
    • Bounce Rate decreased by an incredible 71%, falling just below a 20% bounce rate at the beginning of 2019.

    Kraus Marketing put a lot of value into organic search due to the heavy SEO efforts. This included monthly backend alterations as well as monthly blog content and refreshed landing page copy. With these efforts, we saw an organic traffic increase of 67% when compared to the previous calendar year. This helps place the client’s content in front of the appropriate user when specific search queries are typed into Google or another search engine.We also focused on paid search while the client ran a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with us. Paid search traffic saw incredible growth of 259% within a year of running the campaign.


    The above figures indicate the successful implementation of a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. These services allowed the client to gain higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Making sure new images, services, and graphics were up to date on the site aided in their continual positive achievements. The more a user found the site useful and easy to navigate, the higher the chance that the client would receive a lead by either phone or through their online contact form.

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