Imperium Data Networks

Imperium Data Networks is a subsidiary of Imperium Data, an award-winning provider of IT solutions, talent, and engineering services for businesses, governments, and education based in Tampa, FL. Imperium Data Networks was founded on the belief that superior value is created when a premium product is supported by operational excellence, unsurpassed service, and quality price.

Client Challenge

Imperium Data Networks needed an attractive new website to match their company’s evolution and growth. Their goal was to have a user-friendly website that would better illustrate their brand, showcase their competitive edge, streamline conversions like contact form submissions, and push their core partners’ products to current and prospective customers. They were also looking to promote Wi-Fi-as-a-Service and needed new content to advertise this new service.

The Kraus Solution

The Kraus team first performed a UX audit to determine user experience and interface updates to improve the website. After the audit, Kraus designed and developed a clean, modernized layout for the new website supported by an updated logo design and branding. The new website improved user experience with refreshed visuals, intuitive navigation, better functionality, and updated content. Website copywriting services also helped refine the brand voice, improve page optimization, and showcase new services.

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