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Let’s be blunt, cannabis is a fast-growing industry, and for your business to succeed, you need to be aware of the many advertising regulations and guidelines in place. You also need to understand what makes a cannabis marketing campaign effective. Developing quality cannabis marketing is key to a successful brand and staying connected with your target audience.

Kraus Marketing understands what goes into creating an effective cannabis marketing plan aimed to keep your brand’s growth at an all-time high. As a cannabis marketing agency, we will work with your company every step of the way to provide you with the necessary strategy and creative ideas.

What Our Cannabis Marketing Agency Offers

  • Brand identity. The key to growing your company’s image is creating an identifiable brand that will help customers recognize you and gain interest. Kraus can help you develop your brand’s visuals and values through messaging, imagery, colors, typography, and more.
  • Website design & development. People typically find information about companies through their websites, which is why you should have one that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provides all the information a user may need. Kraus ensures your website is not only highly-functioning and visually pleasing, but also communicates your company’s brand effectively.
  • Campaign creation. To excel in cannabis marketing, having a campaign strategy is essential to lay out the basis of your company’s goals. Working with Kraus will help you get all your ideas in order and polish them against each platform’s regulations to help bring you positive outreach and analytics.
  • SEO. Another aspect of excellent marketing is having your brand at the top results of Google searches. Implementing skillful search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to rank your company higher than your competitors. Kraus specializes in SEO that utilizes the best keywords and phrasing to get your brand name on top.
  • PPC. Including a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign will further boost your company’s reach and quickly connect you to a larger audience. PPC also allows for easily tracked analytics to monitor the growth and success of your campaigns, as well as where changes can be made.
  • Social media. Social media has transformed marketing by providing more channels to reach unique audiences. Kraus will help you develop the strategies needed to expand your social media presence and boost your brand name on a variety of platforms from LinkedIn to TikTok.
  • Email marketing. Email marketing is the best way to keep customers connected with your company beyond their initial interaction with your brand. Working with Kraus will ensure your cannabis marketing initiatives maintain customer engagement by utilizing company updates, blogs, new product launches, and more.
  • Cannabis brands are on the rise due to the legal landscape finally changing in many parts of the country. To get a successful cannabis marketing campaign off the ground, it’s beneficial to partner with experts like Kraus Marketing. Learn how we helped a cannabis startup build their brand from scratch in the case study below.

    Our Client:A CBD skincare brand founded in 2019 focused on formulating calming, soothing, and gentle skincare using ingredients inspired by nature. All products were developed with the brand’s target audience in mind—the health conscious, quality-seeking consumer.

    Client Challenge:As a startup, this client needed assistance with everything from naming the business and creating a brand identity to giving them an online presence that would resonate with their target audience and help drive online sales.

    The Kraus Solution:

    To get this campaign started, Kraus Marketing worked closely with the client to develop a name and logo that would do well in today’s market and that resonated with the client. From there, we worked on their brand guidelines, which were crucial when it came time for package design and website development.

    While simultaneously creating packaging, we designed and developed a fully branded e-commerce site for the client to sell their products direct to consumer. To garner hype and loyalty for the new brand, drive traffic to the website once launched, and generate online sales, we also worked on a digital marketing campaign including SEO, social media, and email marketing. We drafted CBD and skincare-focused blogs and curated an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed to wow consumers.

    Client Success:Despite the many challenges cannabis and CBD brands face with online advertising, Kraus was still able to run a successful marketing campaign for our client and generate interest in this new skincare line!

    We noticed that our social media efforts made the greatest impact and in the first six-month period of our campaign, we were able to generate a total of:

    • 2,517 website users (46.8% of total site users) with a low bounce rate of 13.71%
    • 367,468 impressions, 7,946 engagements, and 4,955 post link clicks on Facebook
    • 130,85 impressions and 528 engagements on Instagram

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