The Sharkbite MethodTM

The Sharkbite MethodTM Digital Strategy by Kraus Marketing

About The Sharkbite Method TM

For more than a decade, Kraus Marketing has been developing this killer digital marketing strategy. The Sharkbite Method TM digital marketing strategy builds brand value, shortens sales cycles, and drives leads to create revenue.

A shark’s bite has several layers of teeth that are always regrowing, making it an apex predator that always catches its prey. Similarly, The Sharkbite Method TM strategy has several layers of dynamic tactics that evolve over time to help companies catch the attention and business of their target audience.

Breaking Down the Tactics Within The Sharkbite Method TM

The Sharkbite Method TM strategy that we developed and utilize daily at Kraus Marketing includes the following seven tactics to generate success for our clients:

Development of a Creative Calendar

A creative calendar is the foundation of your marketing success that defines the path for how things look in the months or year ahead. Here, we lay out preplanned topics that increase efficiency and streamline content ideation.

Website Optimization to Increase Conversions

A brand’s website is the epicenter of all digital marketing activity and should be optimized to achieve the best results. By ensuring your site effectively represents your brand, incorporates compelling CTAs, and provides convenient communication options like live chat, you can drive conversions and boost revenue.

Search Engine Marketing to Drive Visibility and Growth

Search engine marketing (SEM) is crucial in building effective digital marketing campaigns and strategies. We believe that brands can often benefit from both an organic and paid SEM approach to better their visibility and customer acquisition.

Social Media for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

Social media marketing plays a vital role in your marketing efforts. At Kraus, we aid businesses in selecting suitable platforms for their growth goals and work to create content for both organic posts (brand awareness) and paid ads (lead generation). 

Email Marketing to Keep Your Audience in the Loop

Email marketing is a tried-and-true method that remains a relevant and profitable tactic. We help businesses decide which email platform best fits their needs, generate legitimate email lists, and craft content that resonates with their target audience.

CTV and OTT Media Buying to Amplify Your Strategy

CTV (Connected TV) and OTT (Over-the-Top) media buying may be newer to the list of digital marketing tactics, but they pack a powerful punch. They grant access to highly targeted audience segments and allow for more refined success metrics.

KPI Measurement for Campaign Optimization

The final tactic focuses on the importance of measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) and the return on investment to evaluate campaign success. Once a campaign is launched, we monitor results and send monthly reports detailing the progress.

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