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A key part of marketing is knowing what advertising space to purchase for your specific audience. If done right, you can count on increased traffic to your website, plus a higher conversion of potential clients into buyers. Establish the best results by purchasing available ad space at the appropriate time and serving relevant ads to your target audience on the websites they frequent most.

This can be skillfully done through the integration of digital and traditional marketing methods – typically referred to as display and programmatic advertising. Employing the right campaign with either or both of these techniques is the perfect way to keep your business at the forefront of your market’s vision.

What Exactly Are Display Ads?

Every time you conduct an online search or visit a website, you’re likely to come across a display ad for a product or service. Display advertising works to enhance brand awareness by featuring your company’s ads online, regardless of what the user is currently searching for. Display ads can appear in website sidebars, banners, or emails. Typically, these ads include images or text with a URL. They’re essentially online forget-me-nots for your business. What’s great about display ads is that they are easily trackable based on the click-through rate to your website. A click-through rate measures an ad’s success, in turn helping you to adjust spending and campaign attributes to better serve your future business.

Another great thing about display ads is they can be used in conjunction with retargeting methods. The best way to stick in a potential customer’s mind is to, well… follow them. Retargeting allows you to follow users from website to website. If they are browsing the products or services listed on your website and then move onto another website, they will be served banner or sidebar ads relating back to you. This strategy is made possible by something called a “tracking pixel.”

Businesses can incorporate display ads into PPC campaigns as well. This is a great way to break up your steam of text ads by using eye-catching, on-brand graphics. Easily track analytics, monitor your budget, and increase your conversions with the assistance of Kraus Marketing.

And Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of machines and algorithms to buy digital advertising space. It isn’t an adversary to display ads, but rather a way to purchase them. This approach allows campaign strategists to focus more on optimizing the ads for a company, rather than spending more time deciding where to put them. So, no, this isn’t some Terminator-like scenario where robots replace humans. Instead, they are enabling us to do a better job and focus on other important things.

This technique is continuously evolving with time, but often includes online ads, television, digital out-of-home, streaming, and voice. With this type of advertising, you safeguarded impressions on the campaign as the ads are sent to your target audience. The audience does not have to do any searching themselves. The amount of money put behind the ads will then determine how many impressions and conversions are received. At Kraus Marketing, we efficiently analyze your target audience and utilize your desired budgets to deliver the best ROI throughout the campaign.

Unsure of how to use display ads or programmatic advertising to achieve your business goals? Don’t sweat it. Our team of experts at Kraus Marketing are well equipped to create the most effective campaign for your business. Give us a call or schedule a meeting to learn more.

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