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Package Design Agency to Help Make Your Products Fly Off the Shelf

Our designers understand that the package design is part of a company’s branding as much as it is part of the product’s sales and marketing efforts.

The Design Process

As a package design agency, let us help you put your best foot forward

There are many factors in designing product packaging, including color palettes, materials, shipping costs, and laws and regulations that differ per industry.

Remember, your package design is part of your branding as much as it is a part of the product’s sales and marketing efforts. We work to ensure the size and design align nicely with your brand guidelines and the necessary package requirements.

Equipped with experience from Fortune 500 companies and firms in the consumer electronics, health, beauty, and foodservice industries, our team of in-house designers are ready to create a package for your products that is both visually pleasing and functional.

You can see some of our package design work for major players and smaller firms in our portfolio.

At Kraus Marketing, we believe effective packaging is an integral part of bringing your product to market.

  • We start with solid industry research to educate ourselves about what the competition is doing, so we can design packaging that stands out from the rest.
  • It all comes down to the end user’s experience. Our packaging designs clearly communicate what your market needs to know about your product.
  • Product packaging is an extension of your overall marketing plan, so we make sure the solutions are clearly stated on the package.
  • Let the copy on your package do the talking for you. It’s not only about how the product will look inside the box but what the package is saying that helps it sell.

It’s Package Design Time

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