Capture Leads, Generate Sales & Find New Customers with an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign!

Emerging technology and a societal shift toward internet usage have revolutionized the ways we engage with and sell to our customers. Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions. In turn, we can better understand how to provide the best possible experience for our target audience. With more and more customers turning to the internet to fulfill their needs, having a strong online marketing campaign is essential.

Ready to pave the road towards your business’ online success? Kraus Marketing is here to help with everything from generating an online marketing campaign to revitalizing your current online efforts. To drive results, we encourage integrated digital marketing plans that combine several of our core digital services. Combining services such as SEO and social media increases your digital visibility, and ultimately, your ROI.

We understand that not every business is the same, so why should everyone’s marketing strategies be the same? We take the time to understand the key goals and objectives of your business to then customize your digital marketing campaign with corresponding services. A few core insights include:

  • Past marketing efforts – what worked for you and what bombed?
  • Your target markets – are you focusing your efforts on the right people?
  • Your main source of leads currently – do you want this to change?
  • Your website – do you have one and is it outdated?
  • Your goals of working with an agency – what can we do for you?

Our Integrated Digital Marketing Services Include:


Ensure potential customers find your website by bumping it to the top of search engine results. This involves using relevant keywords throughout fresh, engaging, and comprehensible content and following search engine friendly practices.


Optimize your social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn) to share interesting and engaging content, network with clients and potential business partners, and showcase your brand’s personality. Go ahead, show ‘em what you’ve got! Better yet, we’ll help you track your campaign’s effectiveness to maximize your ROI.


Direct more relevant traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate through our well-researched keywords, strategically implemented search strategy, and monitored spend.


Stay at the forefront of your current (and potential!) customers’ minds, generate leads, and boost sales with customized graphics and content featured in your e-mails.


Feature your business ads across the web and out-of-home advertising methods through the use of retargeting. This will help increase brand awareness and convert more potential clients into satisfied customers. Use programmatic advertising to leave the mundane task of finding digital ad space to machines and algorithms so you can focus on more important things.

Want to Discuss Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign?

We have tailored service packages perfect for businesses of all sizes and marketing needs. Through internal and client-facing meetings, strategy briefs, and years of creative and analytical experience, Kraus is ready to get started on your next digital marketing campaign. We’ll get to work as you watch your business thrive. We’re here to chat when you’re ready!