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Should I Consider Email Marketing?

Although email marketing may seem ancient compared to the new methods technology now affords us, it can still be a great means of communication. But, how can you ensure your email efforts don’t go to waste by getting jettisoned to the spam inbox? It all comes down to a few things: what you’re sending, when you’re sending it, and whether you’re answering your potential client’s top question – what’s in it for me?

Email marketing involves creating an enticing message to send to your potential and existing clients to keep them in the loop of your business happenings – special sales, events, new products or services, etc. More importantly, it helps your business create and maintain good relationships with potential customers or clients. It includes relevant information, creative links, and visually pleasing graphics tailored to what they would like to see.

The truth is, email campaigns might be one of the key ways to diversify and connect all your marketing efforts. An email marketing campaign is a perfect addition to your current marketing mix, no matter the size of your business.

Hit Me With The Facts

Email is not becoming obsolete. Almost everyone has an email that they actively use and check throughout the day. Email marketing can even be a more effective way to reach your clients than social media. A post on social media doesn’t ensure it will show up in your client’s feed. An email, however, will sit in your client’s inbox until they choose to take action.

It can be personalized. People love feeling like they’re getting a custom, special experience. With email marketing, you can do just that. Sending emails to clients with special deals for their birthday, for example, is a great way to utilize email marketing. You can also personalize email lists and give people the option to opt-out of any emails they are disinterested in receiving.

  • Custom design: To help tailor each email to your brand, our art team will work on developing a custom, eye-catching template for your recipients. There’s no sense in sending out something drab that is sure to get deleted.

It’s cheap. Compared to other marketing methods, email marketing can actually save you money while still delivering measurable results. It is the one aspect of digital marketing that has continued to prove its worth over the years, while other methods fade in and out of style. Not to mention it has the highest ROI for the lowest average cost.

It’s measurable. Email marketing allows you to track your results directly and tailor your next campaign based on the results. This not only lets us know how successful the content of your email was, but also what time of day your targeted audience was most likely to open the email. We can weed out inactive email accounts and those who wish to unsubscribe, making sure not to spam your clients or potential clients.

Email Marketing Campaign Types Include:

  • Drip Email Campaigns – Drip campaigns utilize marketing automation to help a business gain more loyal subscribers and build their email list. It allows you to send out a series of emails at specific times and dates of your choosing. Once a user signs up for your email list, they’ll continue to receive emails until your campaign ends. You can use this to drive users back to your website or to send personalized content like birthday emails and surveys.
  • Trigger Series Campaigns – Let’s say a consumer just purchased a product from your website. As their excitement to receive it in the mail builds, they can’t help but wonder when it might come or whether the order was processed properly. Trigger series campaigns do just that- they inform users in a timely manner based on certain actions they took on your website. This campaign builds a relationship of trust and accountability by keeping your customers well-informed.
  • Re-engagement Campaigns – It’s in the name- this campaign helps you re-engage subscribers who may not be as active on your website as they once were. This is the perfect time to get creative and showcase your brand voice in the message you send, as it may be your last chance to entice drifting subscribers. It’s a message or a special offer saying, “Hey, it’s been a while- we miss you. Come see what you’re missing out on”.

Kraus Marketing has years of experience crafting and managing email marketing for clients in a variety of industries. From gathering an email list to engagement tracking, we’ll get the job done. We know what headlines grab the most attention and what times allot for the best open rates.

It has been reported that businesses who fail to recognize the importance of email marketing will fall behind those who take advantage of it. If you would like to get your foot in the door of email marketing, or are struggling with the current platform you are working with, contact us today on how to better your efforts. We’re only a phone call… or email away!

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