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Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Online reviews are an indispensable tool for any business. Not only can reviews provide a means for customers to evaluate your business, but they can also open doors to improve on your SEO status. While established review platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor have been in the mix for quite some time, we are now seeing Google reviews make its way to the front of the pack. When these various review sources all come together under one umbrella, something remarkable is created. Join us as we analyze Google’s implementation of third-party review sources under their Knowledge Graph cards and what this may imply for your business.

Things Digital Marketing Agencies Can Do to Improve Business in 2018

5 Things Digital Marketing Agencies Can Do to Improve Business in 2018

‘Tis the season for impractical New Year’s resolutions that we’ve set for ourselves after one too many glasses of that bubbly. That is not to say that resolutions don’t have a proper place. This is especially true in the ever-changing world of digital marketing where it has become increasingly important to set forward-thinking goals to stay ahead of the curve. By setting goals today, you can reap the rewards tomorrow. With some careful thought and consideration, marketers can set realistic goals that are sure to give them a leg-up as we head into 2018 with our heads high and our marketing strategies hopeful.

Web Design Agency Tackles the New Google Mobile-first Indexing

It’s been some time since Gary Illyes first hinted at mobile-first indexing at Pubcon. Since then, marketers and SEO professionals alike have been theorizing and discussing what this may or may not mean to their web content. Google has since been experimenting with mobile-first indexing and is begging to roll out these changes in small batches. This not only gives Google the time they need to gather results and tweak the process but also gives a lot web developers the time they need to prep their site for the mobile user experience.

Reasons to Outsource an SEO Specialist

5 Reasons to Outsource to an SEO Specialist

Although it may be tempting to hire a full-time SEO specialist on your team, it’s best to first consider the benefits your company will see when deciding to outsource. Having someone in-house may seem convenient, but over time you may find it to be a high price tag for lesser results. This can be a huge decision for your business, so as a digital marketing agency, we’re here with a few tips to help you make your decision.

How Link Location Impacts SEO

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the SEO world, there’s a good chance you know a thing or two about the importance of links. If this sounds completely foreign to you, that’s alright; it’s why we’re writing this blog after all. A strong linking structure can have a tremendous impact on SEO. That’s not to say that tossing links of a page just for the sake of having them is an effective strategy. There needs to be rhyme or reason to your link building criteria. Different links in different locations are weighted differently, and this plays in integral in how well your page ranks.

Six Steps to Increase Your SEO Success with Bing

Think you’re SEO-savvy? You may be ignoring 36% of your market. Overlooking other search engines, such as Bing, may save time but doesn’t allow your website to reach its full potential. Google SEO, while important, has different criteria than that of Bing. Yes, people use Bing. And yes, it’s important for your organization to stay on top of your SEO on all fronts. Here are six steps you can take to improve your Bing SEO and get the most out of your website.

Internet Neutrality law

Internet Update: Is It the End of Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality- if you haven’t heard of it yet, now is the time to catch up! There is a high chance that the rules of the Internet and its providers are about to change, and it’s not necessarily a good thing. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will soon take a vote to put an end to its existing net neutrality rules, which reverses the Title II classification of Internet providers. What does this all mean? As a digital marketing agency, we want to be fully up to date with anything Internet related, so let’s take a look.

Hands taking picture of gingerbread cookies with smartphone

The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities

The holidays and winter festivities are right around the corner, which means you’ll be taking dozens of photos in search of the perfect one that will gain you the most likes on social media. Whether it’s an Instagram photo or a Snapchat, there are several filters you can use to enhance the quality and ensure you get the most likes and views on each social platform.

For Instagram, it’s all about the filter. By carefully selecting one, you can automatically make an image appear to be in the holiday spirit. Here are the best filters to use for every winter event.

businessman holding pen with drawing of SEO concept

6 Common SEO Terms You Should Know

If you are just now getting your foot in the door of the SEO world, chances are there’s a lot of jargon going around that may seem foreign to you. Right off the bat, you may be asking yourself “well what is SEO?”.

Social Media

Top 5 MSP Marketing Tips

Top 5 MSP Marketing Tips  Make your marketing about yourself Unlike a VAR (Value Added Reseller), who focuses their marketing around their line of vendor products, it’s critical for MSP’s (Management Service…

PPC Company Shares AdWords Tips

Have you been trying and struggling to fully optimize a low-conversion-volume account in AdWords? As a PPC company, we specialize in crafting successful campaigns for our clients. We thought it would be…

Rebranding Kraus Marketing

As the new year approached and we reevaluated our business goals for 2017, we decided to undergo a rebrand to match the quickly growing, industry-leading agency we have become. With this change…
Google SEO

How to Improve Organic Search Results

Search engine optimization requires strategy, research, and proper white hat tactics to be successful. Something that is easily overlooked is the importance of engagement and click-through rates. We’ve created a list of…


What are PWAs?

In the 1990s, the web experienced tremendous growth and an increase in popularity. However, screen time has shifted from the web to smartphone apps. Instead of using the web to connect with…


Successful Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is yet another social media platform advertisers are getting their feet wet in. There are a few tips for how to be successful in Pinterest advertising. Pinterest seems to be the…

The Language of Typography

The Language of Typography

Typography gives life, emotion and meaning to content. Make sure you’re using the right typography for your brand. Think back to when you first discovered WordArt on Microsoft Word. You spent hours…

AdWords Announces Big Changes

AdWords Announces Big Changes

Google has announced major changes coming to AdWords. At Google’s Performance Summit, the name coined for the combined AdWords and Analytics launch event, Google announced that a few changes will be made.…

How To Use SEO To Boost Your Business

How To Use SEO To Boost Your Business

A business’s online presence can greatly be built through becoming a part of the community. Local businesses are more prominent now more than ever before. According to an article on, local…

Hiring a Senior SEO/PPC Manager!

Kraus Marketing is hiring for our New Jersey office! Kraus Marketing is growing and we are looking for an experienced and talented Senior SEO Manager to join our team. The SEO Manager…

Responsive Design Mobile Marketing Emails

Responsive Design

Responsive Design For Mobile Marketing Emails Responsive design is centered on enhanced usability for the consumer – the primary advantages of this in the email marketing world are considerably significant and numerous.…


Google AdWords Redesign

Google AdWords Interface Redesign The current AdWords interface is more than 15 years old; the search engine giant has finally made the decision to give AdWords a new look. The last interface…

Paid Search Trends, PPC NJ

Paid Search Trends

Top 3 Upcoming Paid Search Trends in 2016 As we all know, Google is constantly making changes to the search engine results pages (SERPs). Recently, right-rail ads are nowhere to be found,…

Google App Update

Google App Update

New Google App Update Includes Animations & Allows Users To Change Logo Colors According to a report that was recently published on, the new Google App update will include new animations…

New Facebook Messenger Features Roll Out

Facebook Plans To Open Messenger To Publishers Next Month

Facebook will soon let publishers distribute content through Messenger Facebook Messenger will soon let publishers distribute their content automatically through the social network’s messaging service. Facebook plans to announce the move with a number of participating publishers in April…

E-commerce website design trends 2016 NJ

5 E-commerce Design Trends NJ

2016 E-commerce Website Design Trends For NJ Business Owners E-commerce website designs are constantly changing, and this is due to the demand from consumers for E-commerce services. Over the past few years,…

Achieving SEO Success In 2016

Here are some key factors to focus your SEO strategy towards in 2016. When it comes to SEO strategy, most businesses are lacking structure. Many businesses don’t have a digital marketing plan…

Blogging Benefits

6 Hidden Blogging Benefits

Did you know that there are several hidden blogging benefits that you probably overlooked? In a previous entry, we discussed the many blogging benefits that your company can gain. As any one…
Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Methodology

What is the best way to turn strangers into clients and clients into brand ambassadors? Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing is the most effective way for a brand to do business online. In…

Resume Mistakes

6 Common Resume Mistakes

These resume mistakes may be holding you back from your dream job! The search for a great job has changed over the years. The competition has risen, especially in the marketing industry.…
Humanizing Your Brand

Humanizing Your Brand

Today, humanizing your brand is a requirement, not an option if you want success. Here is a riddle for you. What do business owners, corporate stakeholders, employees, customers and followers all have…

verizon logo

Verizon Also Rebrands Themselves.

Unlike Google’s new logo, Verizon’s new logo seems to be lacking… everything. On Friday, we talked about the new Google logo that is more responsive for smart phones and tablets. This is…


Why Should I Apply for Internships?

Internships offer many benefits and opportunities to college students. College is the gateway for opportunities. Students learn the skills required for their future careers, network and learn important life lessons along the…
301 and 302 redirects

What are 301 and 302 Redirects?

301 and 302 redirects are important so make sure you know the difference! You won’t believe how many SEO specialists and web designers are still unfamiliar with 301 and 302 redirects. It…

call-only ads

What are Call-Only Ads?

The call-only ads are leading to conversions! It’s time to revamp your PPC strategy! Our search habits have changed. Mobile searches have exceeded desktop searches. According to a study by Google, 74%…


How to Succeed As An Intern

Don’t Worry! Your Internship won’t be that bad. When looking for an internship for the summer, I found that it was more difficult and stressful than applying to college. Writing cover letter…