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Pantone Just Announced Its Color of the Year 2019

Pantone Just Announced Its Color of the Year 2019

Pantone’s color of the year isn’t just the marketing tactic you might perceive it be. Rather, it’s an informed choice by professionals in the language of color. Interestingly, the color isn’t chosen to set a trend for the following year. The color of the year is actually observed from current events and the use of the color in all industries across the globe.

Upcoming WordPress Update To Improve User Experience

Upcoming WordPress Update To Improve User Experience

The end of 2018 anticipates big changes for WordPress as it prepares to launch WordPress 5.0. A WordPress update is long overdue in this era of constantly advancing technology, but so far, the results from the beta testing aren’t entirely conclusive. However, once finished, this new version seems promising.

Rev Up Your Website Speed With These Tips

Rev Up Your Website Speed With These Tips

This competitive digital age makes website speed a paramount factor to online retention rates. If your website takes even just a few seconds too long, it’s likely a potential viewer will already resort to a different site. It’s shown that a slow website frustrates the user experience, and it certainly deters visitors from that site in the future.

Just Revealed: Twitter Ranking Strategy in Search Results

Just Revealed: Twitter Ranking Strategy in Search Results

Recently, twitter users are a lot less likely to get offended by trolling tweets or accounts and more likely to see progressive dialogue. This is no coincidence since the popular social media site made serious moves to improve conversation and overall user experience through changes in search ranking algorithms. If you’re not a regular tweeter, it’s important to mention that tweets rank in reverse chronological order to maintain relevance as time passes. Still, some tweets appear a bit out of order, and others get sent down to the way bottom of the news feed. The order of appearance is a result of the algorithms, and they function to properly display tweets in a relevant and timely order.

Facebook Videos Are Revamping Their Ad Metrics

Facebook Videos Are Revamping Their Ad Metrics

This year introduced changes to improve advertising metric offerings across almost every social media platform. Clearly, the cries of advertisers for better solutions to measure engagements have been heard. Facebook, the most commonly used social media platform, recently adapted new metrics for video advertisements.

Steer Clear of These Social Media Measurement Mistakes

Steer Clear of These Social Media Measurement Mistakes

When used correctly, social media measurements will guide the content, timing, and placement of your social media posts to produce statistically proven, guaranteed impressions. As a result of constant different moving parts and multiple platforms to pay attention to, it’s easy to make mistakes in the measurements. Take our advice and avoid the following mistakes to use social media measurements the right way.

Kraus Marketing: Winner of American Graphic Design Award

Kraus Marketing: Winner of American Graphic Design Award

Kraus Marketing, with offices in Northern NJ and Manhattan, is honored yet again, to be named amongst the winners of the American Graphic Design Award, granted by leading graphic design media publication, Graphic Design USA (GDUSA). Kraus Marketing was awarded for our client work with Villa Restaurant Group.

Keyword Density Myths Debunked

Keyword Density Myths Debunked

For good SEO, it’s important your keyword appears often and in particular components, but unreasonably cramming your keywords within your site can sometimes harm a helpful practice. It’s sounds contradictory, but it’s how search engines operate. So, where is the line between optimizing your word or phrase and overdoing it? To get it right, there are certain rules you need to follow. By learning these keyword density myths you’ll have a better sense on how to get started.

New Typography Trends of 2018

6 Different Typography Trends in The Market Today Like all art forms, typography grows and evolves over time. Compelling typography holds power to direct how consumers interpret your brand and its messaging.…
Bad SEO Hacks That Will Decrease Your Ranks

Bad SEO Hacks That Will Decrease Your Ranks

Search engine optimization is a term even outsiders of the marketing world are familiar with at this point. By now, most people and companies know what it means, but not necessarily how to use it to their advantage. Unfortunately, poor SEO practices could be hurting your site’s ranking on search engines. Avoid making these common mistakes on your journey to SEO success.

NYC Breweries Continue to Pop Up: Here’s How to Position Your Site

NYC Breweries Continue to Pop Up: Here’s How to Position Your Site

Good beer isn’t the only avenue to a regular brewery fan base. It’s critical to position your brand as a unique occupier of the market. But how do you make a good first impression to potential customers? Presumably, a quick Google search is a likely means to influence the decision. Which means your brewery website is your lifeline for future business. Learn how to position your website to attract customers into your store.

Top Marketing Channels to Promote Your Vapor Stores

Top Marketing Channels to Promote Your Vapor Stores

By now it’s undeniable that vaping is popular among all ages. In this enormous market is an overflow of product choices both online and in-store. So the question is- how can vapor stores stand out in a saturated market? With endless purchasing options for consumers, it’s paramount to establish an acclaimed reputation in the industry. Consider these top marketing channels vapor stores must use to climb to the top of the industry.

Ecommerce Photography: Shoot Product Pictures Like A Pro

Ecommerce Photography: Shoot Product Pictures Like A Pro

In a world where ecommerce is reshaping the way people shop, ecommerce photography is as important as ever. Improving your ecommerce photography is a multifaceted approach and has many different options regarding equipment and style. Whichever way you decide to approach it, your products should look as professional as possible. When someone is shopping online they only have visuals to base their judgement.

Graduate from Joomla and Drupal: Why WordPress Design Is Superior

Graduate from Joomla and Drupal: Why WordPress Design Is Superior

Every company wants the best Content Management System (CMS) to run their website. Yet with so many to choose from, there is much debate as to which CMS reigns supreme. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are three popular hosts. Although Joomla and Drupal are widely used, they are not without fault. In fact, WordPress runs 75 million websites, with over 160 million downloads. There’s a reason for WordPress’s continuously comes out on top.

Tasteful Website Pop-Ups to Enhance Your Digital Game

Tasteful Website Pop-Ups to Enhance Your Digital Game

Website pop-ups have a reputation for being a nuisance and generally annoying to any internet user, but if used the right way, pop-ups can actually help your business convert online visitors into customers. Don’t be hesitant to implement this tactic because of the general perception of pop-ups. Instead of creating flashy messages that scare users away right as the enter a web page, go for the tasteful pop-up design. Appealing website pop-ups can help direct your visitor in the right direction and eventually secure their business.

Aligning Tradition with Innovation: Medical Marketing Services

Aligning Tradition with Innovation: Medical Marketing Services

The medical world sees advances in the industry at staggering rates. But many times, offices will put so much focus on staying up-to-date with the latest medical practices, that they forego the business aspects of their occupation. If you don’t differentiate your services from your competitors, all your advancements will simply go to waste. The trick to aligning traditional medical offices with the advancements of today’s technology is a strategic marketing plan.

Selling on Instagram Made Easy

Selling on Instagram Made Easy

From top styles to quirky home décor finds, Instagram is brimming with inspiration. The popular app has proved to be perfect for sparking a buyer’s attention. And now with the app’s new shoppable features, selling on Instagram has never been easier.

Crafting an Effective PPC Campaign

Crafting an Effective PPC Campaign

Whether your website has recently launched or its age dates back to the Internet’s fist debut, it’s bound to fail if no one knows about it. Generating leads should be a top concern for every business. And with today’s digital advancements – a solid PPC campaign is an encouraged solution.

Why Won't Google Index My Site?

Why Won’t Google Index My Site?

We get the question “why won’t Google index my site?” from prospects all the time. This can be a hard question to answer, because there are many reasons why a website won’t get content indexed by search engine crawlers.

Earning Customer Trust Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Earning Customer Trust Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

As a new business attempting to establish a presence online, it can be hard to attract new customers without any current reputation. It’s important for online purchasing platforms to properly portray their legitimacy. Otherwise, customers may be skeptical when it comes to digital trust. Many buyers will search for reviews or ratings before following through with their ecommerce purchase; however, without any reviews yet available, your company needs to garner customer trust in its own way. Once you appear reliable and legitimate on your website, customers will have no problem trusting that your services are professional. Here’s a few tips to up your website game.

Why Reviews Are Important to Your Business

Why Reviews Are Important to Your Business

Reviews are crucial to your business’ online marketing. Although there’s always the chance of receiving a negative review, the benefit that comes along with a review helps with more than just persuading potential clients or customers to use your services or products. Curious how they can help your business and website?

Is Your Website Lifespan Coming to Its End?

Is Your Website Lifespan Coming to Its End?

A business’s website is their most valuable marketing asset. It holds the foundation of who you are and what you do. Not to mention, your website is a customer’s primary point of information and contact with your brand. However, the unavoidable fact is all websites eventually become old and outdated – as with most things. With an outdated site comes a decrease in ranking, search traffic, and conversion rates. The exponential surge in technological growth has created a constant increase in users’ expectations. In fact, a website lifespan is noted to be only 2 years and 7 months. With such a quick turnaround time, your site is most likely in need of a little rejuvenation. To get that youthful glow back into you company’s online presence, dust off the cobwebs and follow these tips.

How IGTV Can Help Leverage Your Brand

How IGTV Can Help Leverage Your Brand

Imagine having one place to view all of your visual and multi-media. You could see snapshots into the daily lives of influencers, celebrities, or even your friends. You could watch them live-stream and answer your questions in real-time. Imagine also being able to go onto users’ channels and watch longer, more in-depth videos that they have uploaded. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there were one platform for all of that? Well, now there is.

Why One Social Media Platform for Marketing Is Not Enough

Why One Social Media Platform for Marketing Is Not Enough

Social media is what makes the world go round. Well, it makes the marketing world go round. Why? Because it drives targeted traffic, it can help boost your site’s SEO, it’ll help you build a relationship with your audience, and it can find potential customers who didn’t know about your brand before. However, having one social media platform for marketing is not enough. Your customers, or followers, most likely have more than one social media platform themselves. If they follow you on Facebook, they’ll want to follow you on Instagram as well. Not to mention, each platform allows you to market in different ways. Here are the pros of each suggested social media platform.

Recycled Content Helps You Stay Ahead of the Game

Recycled Content Helps You Stay Ahead of the Game

Content rich in knowledge and relevancy will set you apart from the competition and drive users to your site. However, in order to keep up with the personalized demands of digital users, frequent content publishing is key. So how do you keep up with the fast-paced atmosphere of digital information without overloading your audience with a high volume of material? Recycle content.

Marketing Techniques That Go Beyond Website Design

Marketing Techniques That Go Beyond Website Design

Investing in your brand extends far beyond the website design phase. A new, sleek website will prove completely useless if your company isn’t paying mind to the importance of retaining clients through consumer engagement. Digital marketing is a complex array of tactful practices designed to reach targeted consumers. Once your website is created, your work is far from over. Don’t miss out on these powerful marketing techniques to up your brand’s digital presence.

The Science Behind Scheduling: Social Media Strategy

The Science Behind Scheduling: Social Media Strategy

Social media management refers to the process of managing your online interaction across all social media platforms. In order to stay relevant and visible in the ever-growing world of social media, it’s important to have engaging content that draws your readers in. Yet, an equally as vital aspect to your social media strategy is creating scheduled posts for that content. As a company, you want to ensure you’re delivering content to your consumers at the time they’re most likely to see it. While implementing a structured social media strategy may begin as a daunting feat, there are immense overall benefits that your company’s presence will gain.

Design Differences: CMYK vs. RGB

Design Differences: CMYK vs. RGB

A general rule of thumb for all designers is to use the RGB color spectrum for digital use and work in CMYK for all print purposes. Although this difference may seem simple, it is very important that designers do not mix up these spectrums. Using the wrong color mode could produce sub-par outcomes.

Branding Tips

A Human Connection: Narrate Your Brand with Data Storytelling

In positioning a brand, companies strive to communicate the most genuine and relevant insight into the success of their services. Consumers yearn to see those valuable links a brand creates between its efforts and ultimate goals. The proof is in the numbers, but sometimes those numbers can drown out the messages marketers are trying to convey. Thus, strong data storytelling provides a backbone to properly differentiating a brand against the competition.

Kraus Marketing Shows Constant Success at the 2018 Jersey Awards

Kraus Marketing Shows Constant Success at the 2018 Jersey Awards

Kraus Marketing was honored to attend NJ Ad Club’s 50th Annual Jersey Awards in Cedar Grove, New Jersey on the night of June 6th. To celebrate the golden anniversary of the prestigious award ceremony, there was an incredible assortment of media awards presented to top communication platforms throughout the state of New Jersey. Kraus Marketing, who was in attendance for the third year in a row, took away ten awards at the end of the night, three of which granted first place and two for second place.

Tips for Crafting a Powerful YouTube Ad

Become a YouTube Star: Tips for Crafting a Powerful YouTube Ad

Despite television consumption standing at an all-time low, video content is still gaining popularity – it has just shifted form. YouTube has been dominating the video-sharing platform since its birth in 2005. Today, 73% of American adults are frequenting YouTube. Within just the 18-24-year-old age group, that number rises to a staggering 94%. Given such high statistics, there’s no reason advertisers shouldn’t be taking advantage of this platform. Integrating a YouTube ad into your portfolio will provide a new, dynamic means of advertising while reaching your target market across all age ranges. When rendering your next video advertisement, keep these key tips in mind.

Businessman click on target, audience pointing to target is around target.

Branding to the Future: How to Target Generation Z

Generation Z, or “iGeneration,” is our future. They are the first generation to grow up with smartphones, apps, and new technology that wasn’t even a thought for Millennials or other previous generations growing up. Your business already knows how to target Millennials, but what many companies don’t know, is that their branding must be continually monitored to keep up with Generation Z and beyond.

Using Emotions in B2B Marketing to Enhance Customer Engagement

We get it- B2B marketing may not seem like the place to get all emotional with your audience. But, the truth is, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Just because the message you are trying to convey or the conversions you are trying to reach aren’t as touching as buying an engagement ring or planning a relaxing vacation, doesn’t mean emotion is eliminated from the equation. Emotionally targeted marketing can actually enhance customer engagement in B2B scenarios, just like in B2C marketing.


Why Join the SEO and Content Marketing Job Market?

If you’re looking for a career that’s exciting, fast-paced, and flexible, then consider your job search over. Content marketing and SEO jobs are on the rise, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The world of digital marketing is continuously expanding, and so is the job market. Below are three reasons to enter into the content marketing and SEO fields.


Brand Marketing Strategy: Staying True to Your Brand While Branching Out

The balance between branding and adapting to the changing market is something that stumps many businesses. How can I stay true to my brand if I do X, Y, and Z? How can my brand stay relevant if we don’t do X, Y, and Z? Brands face challenges everyday, but having a good foundation from which to build will help with your brand marketing strategy and navigation, no matter the circumstances. Brands can build that foundation by establishing relationships and utilizing various platforms to connect with their audience. Below are our top three tips for staying true to your brand while keeping up with the demands of today’s market.

Kraus Marketing Returns for a Spot on the 2018 Inc. 5000 List

Above vs. Below the Fold: Which Ad Placement Will Earn More Conversions?

It’s a debate many don’t even know exists: should ads be placed above or below the fold? What seems like a no brainer—many would assume above the fold, considering newspapers made that the gold medal of ad placements—actually requires significant consideration in the digital marketing world. Now that your world is turned upside down, it’s time to explore the ad placement debate and determine the best practice for your business.

#HashtagHelp Part Two: How Do I Make A Hashtag?

Part Two of our #Help series dives into the logistics of hashtag creation, offering four tips to create the best hashtag for your campaign/event. Catch up on “What is a hashtag?” by reading Part One here. #FYI: Below we answer some common hashtag questions from a social media marketing standpoint, which means the advice could vary if you were approaching hashtag use from a personal standpoint.

#HashtagHelp Part One: What Are Hashtags?

Yes, hashtags have given a whole new meaning to that four-line symbol formerly known only as the pound symbol. This rebranding of an everyday button on phones has sparked one of the biggest components of any social media campaign. But what is it? Why is it used for companies like Coca-Cola but also your cousin’s wedding? How do I use them, and should I even bother?

What the Google My Business Update Means for Your Business

Google is the bridge that connects customers to your website. The search engine has run countless searches and even owns YouTube. One has a hard time imagining a Google-less world. So how can businesses utilize Google to their advantage? Other than paying for Adwords to boost your SEO, businesses large and small can take advantage of Google’s free Google My Business feature. Google My Business recently expanded its update to allow even more users access to its new interface. Kraus Marketing has the breakdown for you below:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Sustainable Packaging Means for Your Brand

With Earth Day approaching, being environmentally friendly seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Between a push to eradicate plastic straws and changing consumers’ plastic bag habits, one cannot help but reflect on how their brand measures up in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world. Sure, you’ve switched to emailed receipts and the office uses energy efficient light bulbs, but when was the last time you took a good look at your packaging? Package design is an important part of branding, and sustainable packaging will help the environment and help you gain favor with consumers. It’s a true win-win!

Spring into Web Design Trends

When was the last time you updated your website? An outdated website says far more about your organization than you realize, so it’s important to keep things fresh. What better time for a website update than spring?


OK Google, Let’s Shop: The Impact of Voice Search on Ecommerce

Gone are the days dreaming of having a butler and a maid at your bidding. Now you have an assistant in the form of a speaker compact enough to sit on your nightstand, kitchen counter, or whatever we’re calling the furniture in our living rooms now that “entertainment center” is pretty obsolete. While the digital assistant cannot clean for us (we’re not giving up hope), it can shop for us. This is valuable information for any digital marketer; the world of ecommerce is changing right before our eyes.

How Much Do You Know About Nofollow Links?

Just when you thought you might be grasping the complex world of SEO, something else gets thrown your way. So here we are, throwing that something new your way! But we promise you’ll thank us down the road when someone asks you to create a nofollow link on your website. So what is a nofollow link, you ask?

Website Design Trends for 2016 & 2017 | Kraus Marketing | NJ & NY

Animation in Website Design is Trending: What Should I Know?

While animated cursors seemed to have stayed behind with butterfly clips and fear about Y2K, animation itself is alive and well in the world of web design. A top trend for 2018 websites, animation comes in various forms, including constant motion or hover animations (the kind you have to hover your cursor over to see movement).

Learn how to use animation the right way in your website design with these top five tips.

Woman hand using touchpad on laptop at home

What Google Image Search Changes Mean for Ecommerce

Turns out, Google Images is used for more than looking up your favorite meme or searching for that dog picture you saw one time and just need to see again. Google Images is extremely important to ecommerce, to the point where Google is now making adjustments to better serve the industry.

Below is the need-to-know about Google Images’ updates and what you can do to optimize your business’ visual content.

Online Shopping

Amazon’s Alexa Is Changing the Search Engine Optimization Game

SEO- It’s the inescapable service swarming the world of digital marketing for anyone looking to keep their online presence visible in the eyes of search engines. There are consistently new ways to increase your SEO results, one of the latest being Amazon. Amazon’s Alexa, the company’s voice-powered digital assistant, is now changing the way consumers find products by having them say out loud what it is they are looking for. Forget the good old keyboard search and simply ask Alexa to find you that new home stereo system or the best shampoo for blonde hair. You can even use the app for Amazon’s Alexa when on the go.

is Vero the new Instagram?

Is the Latest Social Media Craze Trying to Be the New Instagram?

According to Vero’s Manifesto, “The greatest social network is the one that already exists between people. Vero’s mission is to make it available online.” Despite debuting in 2015, Vero only recently became super popular. Thanks to millions of recent downloads, could it possibly be one of the top social media sites? Stay up-to-date with Kraus Marketing’s breakdown of the app below.

Logo Design

New Logo, Who Dis? – How to Design a New Logo for Your Business

There’s something about golden arches that will stand the test of time— the same applies to a piece of fruit missing a bite. Without naming these companies, you know exactly who we’re talking about. That’s because they’ve chosen logos that, even with updates over time, are fantastic representations of their brand and almost synonymous with their company’s name. Designing a logo, or even a logo update, is a tricky task to complete—you want to ensure your customers know who you are while also keeping up with the times. Say goodbye to outdated branding with these five tips for spring-cleaning your logo that’ll have you saying “New Logo, who dis?”

Kraus Marketing

5 Top Tips for Sticking That Landing-Page

Gymnastics mostly consists of incredible feats of athleticism leaving the audience wondering how any of those tricks are humanly possible, but all those tumbles and flips boil down to the final moment where the gymnast is expected to stick the landing.

The same goes for your website—you put so much time and effort into promotion and ads, but it’s when your audience gets to your website that you need to stick the landing page. Conversions are imperative to the success of a campaign, so follow these top five tips to really make your website landing page stand out.

Did Snapchat Rekindle its Relationship with Influencers?

In a move that brings the platform into the modern era, Snapchat has a new update that provides audience insights for those who have Official Stories and for those who have a large audience. If this sounds familiar, it’s because many platforms already provide audience insights for creator’s posts. At least Snapchat is fashionably late to the insights party, offering lifestyle insights that could bring Instagram users back to the platform.

So what is this new update, and why does it matter to you as a creator?

images and visuals

Photography That Matters: Why You Should Use Custom Photography for Your Website

It’s oh-so-tempting to peruse Getty images for the perfect shot for your new website—or worse, Google “Free Stock Photos” and await your site’s fate. Images are expensive, yet so is a failed campaign. Stock photos may be ideal for a few aspects of your company’s marketing efforts, but step away from the stock photo search for one minute and read our case for custom photography for your website.

Website Design

8 eBook Tips for Lead Generation

eBooks provide the platform for going deeper than your blogs have ever gone or briefly skimming the most important points in a longer piece, for creating a comprehensive outline of a topic you know better than anyone in the industry. This is the new lead generation—not flashy ads and hard pitches, but letting your expertise bring your audience to you.


Is a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Google AdWords Really Necessary?

You’ve built your business from the ground up-you know every nook and cranny, every word of the vision and mission statements, and you have your goals clearly thought up in that entrepreneurial-savvy brain of yours. Who better to run your Google AdWords account than you-the person who knows your business best? But then again, do you really know much about Google advertising and have the time to utilize AdWords to its fullest?

social media update

A Social Media Marketer’s Beginner Guide to API

As engagement season is coming to a close, your Insta feed is probably flooded with wedding hashtags. You’ve probably seen a prime example of how API works from your friend’s “I said yes to the dress at [insert bridal shop]!” post. With so many designers and dresses out there, how did she pick one? It went something like this: The bride walked into the store and met a consultant…

10 Tips for Gaining Instagram Followers

Buzzwords like “hashtags” and “branding” can be overwhelming if you’re new to Instagram, and tips such as “consistent posting” and “audience interaction” seem unattainable to busy business owners. As a digital marketing agency with extensive experience in social media, we have compiled a concise yet comprehensive list of the top ten tips to learn how to get followers on Instagram.

Social Media Updates

The HalloThanksMas Social Media Update Roundup

A lot has happened in the last couple months—the HalloThanksMas season has come and gone, and it brought about many changes in the social media platforms you use to share pics of your holiday haul and of course market your company. Having a hard time keeping up as you strive to maintain your resolutions and keep your marketing fresh? Kraus Marketing has compiled the need-to-know list of social media updates.

ways to drive website traffic

6 New Ways to Drive Traffic

If you build a website and no traffic is going to it, did you build a website at all? Simply having a website for the sake of having one is no longer enough. More online marketing strategies revolve around building traffic to your site. And yet, coming up with new ideas to drive traffic to your site can be extremely challenging. Generating more traffic to your site is a crucial part of growing your business. That’s why we’ve put together a list of six new ways to drive traffic to your brand.

Video SEO Benefits

Ten Tips for Your Video Marketing Strategy

The video medium is essential to modern marketing. With the ability to convey important information in a visually-appealing way, videos are a great tool for reaching out and grabbing your audience. Jumping into video content may seem daunting, but with these ten tips you’ll be sure to start off on the right track.

Google App Update. Kraus Marketing.

Google Major Algorithm Update Guide

Google rolls out a new algorithm update several hundred times a year. This may seem dramatic (because it is), but there’s no questioning that Google has earned its reputation among SEO kings for continuously rolling out updates. Most of these updates are minor, but occasionally, Google will drop a bombshell of an algorithm that shakes the SERP and SEO strategists straight down to their core. All of this may seem intimidating, but we’re here to break it down for you piece-by-piece, algorithm-by-algorithm, and animal-by-animal.


Taking the Lead in Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a hot topic, and rightly so— you want to work hard to generate plenty of traffic and therefore creating sales leads. But it’s important to work smarter, not harder, to ensure the customers you attract will be the customers you need. As a digital marketing agency, we have provided you with the following tips help you tailor your lead generation to your company’s desired outcomes.

Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Online reviews are an indispensable tool for any business. Not only can reviews provide a means for customers to evaluate your business, but they can also open doors to improve on your SEO status. While established review platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor have been in the mix for quite some time, we are now seeing Google reviews make its way to the front of the pack. When these various review sources all come together under one umbrella, something remarkable is created. Join us as we analyze Google’s implementation of third-party review sources under their Knowledge Graph cards and what this may imply for your business.

Things Digital Marketing Agencies Can Do to Improve Business in 2018

Digital Marketing Agency Discusses 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Business in 2018

‘Tis the season for impractical New Year’s resolutions that we’ve set for ourselves after one too many glasses of that bubbly. That is not to say that resolutions don’t have a proper place. This is especially true in the ever-changing world of digital marketing where it has become increasingly important to set forward-thinking goals to stay ahead of the curve. By setting goals today, you can reap the rewards tomorrow. With some careful thought and consideration, marketers can set realistic goals that are sure to give them a leg-up as we head into 2018 with our heads high and our marketing strategies hopeful.

Web Design Agency Tackles the New Google Mobile-first Indexing

It’s been some time since Gary Illyes first hinted at mobile-first indexing at Pubcon. Since then, marketers and SEO professionals alike have been theorizing and discussing what this may or may not mean to their web content. Google has since been experimenting with mobile-first indexing and is begging to roll out these changes in small batches. This not only gives Google the time they need to gather results and tweak the process but also gives a lot web developers the time they need to prep their site for the mobile user experience.

Reasons to Outsource an SEO Specialist

5 Reasons to Outsource to an SEO Specialist

Although it may be tempting to hire a full-time SEO specialist on your team, it’s best to first consider the benefits your company will see when deciding to outsource. Having someone in-house may seem convenient, but over time you may find it to be a high price tag for lesser results. This can be a huge decision for your business, so as a digital marketing agency, we’re here with a few tips to help you make your decision.

How Link Location Impacts SEO

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the SEO world, there’s a good chance you know a thing or two about the importance of links. If this sounds completely foreign to you, that’s alright; it’s why we’re writing this blog after all. A strong linking structure can have a tremendous impact on SEO. That’s not to say that tossing links of a page just for the sake of having them is an effective strategy. There needs to be rhyme or reason to your link building criteria. Different links in different locations are weighted differently, and this plays in integral in how well your page ranks.

Six Steps to Increase Your SEO Success with Bing

Think you’re SEO-savvy? You may be ignoring 36% of your market. Overlooking other search engines, such as Bing, may save time but doesn’t allow your website to reach its full potential. Google SEO, while important, has different criteria than that of Bing. Yes, people use Bing. And yes, it’s important for your organization to stay on top of your SEO on all fronts. Here are six steps you can take to improve your Bing SEO and get the most out of your website.

Internet Neutrality law

Internet Update: Is It the End of Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality- if you haven’t heard of it yet, now is the time to catch up! There is a high chance that the rules of the Internet and its providers are about to change, and it’s not necessarily a good thing. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will soon take a vote to put an end to its existing net neutrality rules, which reverses the Title II classification of Internet providers. What does this all mean? As a digital marketing agency, we want to be fully up to date with anything Internet related, so let’s take a look.

Hands taking picture of gingerbread cookies with smartphone

The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities

The holidays and winter festivities are right around the corner, which means you’ll be taking dozens of photos in search of the perfect one that will gain you the most likes on social media. Whether it’s an Instagram photo or a Snapchat, there are several filters you can use to enhance the quality and ensure you get the most likes and views on each social platform.

For Instagram, it’s all about the filter. By carefully selecting one, you can automatically make an image appear to be in the holiday spirit. Here are the best filters to use for every winter event.

businessman holding pen with drawing of SEO concept

6 Common SEO Terms You Should Know

If you are just now getting your foot in the door of the SEO world, chances are there’s a lot of jargon going around that may seem foreign to you. Right off the bat, you may be asking yourself “well what is SEO?”.

Social Media

Top 5 MSP Marketing Tips

Top 5 MSP Marketing Tips  Make your marketing about yourself Unlike a VAR (Value Added Reseller), who focuses their marketing around their line of vendor products, it’s critical for MSP’s (Management Service…

PPC Company Shares AdWords Tips

Have you been trying and struggling to fully optimize a low-conversion-volume account in AdWords? As a PPC company, we specialize in crafting successful campaigns for our clients. We thought it would be…

Rebranding Kraus Marketing

As the new year approached and we reevaluated our business goals for 2017, we decided to undergo a rebrand to match the quickly growing, industry-leading agency we have become. With this change…
Google SEO

How to Improve Organic Search Results

Search engine optimization requires strategy, research, and proper white hat tactics to be successful. Something that is easily overlooked is the importance of engagement and click-through rates. We’ve created a list of…


What are PWAs?

In the 1990s, the web experienced tremendous growth and an increase in popularity. However, screen time has shifted from the web to smartphone apps. Instead of using the web to connect with…


Successful Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is yet another social media platform advertisers are getting their feet wet in. There are a few tips for how to be successful in Pinterest advertising. Pinterest seems to be the…

The Language of Typography

The Language of Typography

Typography gives life, emotion and meaning to content. Make sure you’re using the right typography for your brand. Think back to when you first discovered WordArt on Microsoft Word. You spent hours…

AdWords Announces Big Changes

AdWords Announces Big Changes

Google has announced major changes coming to AdWords. At Google’s Performance Summit, the name coined for the combined AdWords and Analytics launch event, Google announced that a few changes will be made.…

How To Use SEO To Boost Your Business

How To Use SEO To Boost Your Business

A business’s online presence can greatly be built through becoming a part of the community. Local businesses are more prominent now more than ever before. According to an article on, local…

Hiring a Senior SEO/PPC Manager!

Kraus Marketing is hiring for our New Jersey office! Kraus Marketing is growing and we are looking for an experienced and talented Senior SEO Manager to join our team. The SEO Manager…

Responsive Design Mobile Marketing Emails

Responsive Design

Responsive Design For Mobile Marketing Emails Responsive design is centered on enhanced usability for the consumer – the primary advantages of this in the email marketing world are considerably significant and numerous.…


Google AdWords Redesign

Google AdWords Interface Redesign The current AdWords interface is more than 15 years old; the search engine giant has finally made the decision to give AdWords a new look. The last interface…

Paid Search Trends, PPC NJ

Paid Search Trends

Top 3 Upcoming Paid Search Trends in 2016 As we all know, Google is constantly making changes to the search engine results pages (SERPs). Recently, right-rail ads are nowhere to be found,…

Google App Update

Google App Update

New Google App Update Includes Animations & Allows Users To Change Logo Colors According to a report that was recently published on, the new Google App update will include new animations…

New Facebook Messenger Features Roll Out

Facebook Plans To Open Messenger To Publishers Next Month

Facebook will soon let publishers distribute content through Messenger Facebook Messenger will soon let publishers distribute their content automatically through the social network’s messaging service. Facebook plans to announce the move with a number of participating publishers in April…