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A great idea is only as good as its realization and implementation. At Kraus Marketing we combine great ideas with lots of hard work and an experienced project management process. The result is high-end marketing that produces the best ROI. As a full service agency we take your project from concept to finished product, assuring that no detail is overlooked.

Need help with your digital marketing? Our agency has a dedicated and Google certified team of SEO specialists, PPC strategists and social media managers who get your campaign off the ground and in front of your target audience. Our social media services include strategy and advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

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Professional Branding

One of the first questions we ask our clients is, “If you were to think of your business as a person, what would its personality be?” We help you answer that question and strengthen your corporate identity.

Consumers connect with a brand on an emotional level. A great brand has the potential to become your strongest sales tool. Our experienced team of designers and digital marketing specialists collaborate with you to produce a creatively unique brand identity, design, and message.

We offer a multitude of design services to create a unified brand for your company. Among the services we provide are: logo, business card, letterhead/envelope, presentation folders, flyers, brochures, direct mailers, and package designs.

Mobile Ready Web Design

Often, your website is the first impression potential consumers will receive from your company. It also has the potential to impact your profit margin. If your website is outdated, chances are you’ll have a high bounce rate and low conversion. That’s why it’s very important to update and maintain your website. A properly maintained website has the potential to increase sales and leads.

Updating your website consistently with quality content will provide a positive result on Google’s search index. Our team of web developers, designers, and digital marketing specialists will work diligently to provide a beautifully designed site that is rooted in SEO best practices. We will collaborate with you to determine an overarching theme for both the look and content on the site.

Search Engine Optimization

As a business, you have something to offer. Whether you are providing goods, services, or informative content – you want to get the word out. Marketing gives you the capacity to share your story, a story which ultimately ends with you enlightening your audience with how you are best suited to solve their problem. It’s nothing new, however, what has changed are the technologies and mediums we use to do the job.

Today, businesses are represented by websites. Websites are found on search engines and search engines use algorithms to direct users to the appropriate website. So, what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is algorithm-dependent work performed on your website to improve your site’s ranking on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Social Media Management

Everyone has content to share online; Kraus Marketing helps you get it in front of the right audience. With just one meeting a month we can have you interacting with your customers!

With all the different social media platforms where does your business fit in? Kraus Marketing helps you get it in front of the right audience.

Our experience has been nothing but positive, cutting edge and warm and friendly, while working with Kraus Marketing Group. They have gone above and beyond to be professional, timely and efficient with all communication. It has truly been a fun and interesting process to see what goes into rebranding and logo design. Thank you for your hard work! Song Acupower Wellness
Une-Hi Song
Une-Hi Song
13:20 19 Feb 18
Kraus has been working with us on our Marketing efforts in areas ranging from Branding to SEO. The Kraus team has helped us boost our presence on the internet and within our industry beyond our expectations. The team is knowledgable, professional and has assimilated very well with our culture. Kraus continues to exceed our expectations!
Thomas McCormack
Thomas McCormack
19:23 13 Feb 18
Joel Kraus of Kraus Marketing is an SEO expert and one of the most knowledgeable people I have met. Kraus's expertise with Google is admirable. The company designs websites and drives traffic to them.
Doug Lynch
Doug Lynch
20:01 08 Nov 17
I have been working with Kraus for about 2 years on different projects for different clients. They're well known for their creative and standout design. I am also really impressed with their SEO, social media and writing team. They've elevated our content, are tracking our growth and don't rest on past successes. When you're ready to get serious about digital, this is the team to work with.
Eric Green
Eric Green
19:36 05 Oct 17
The Harding Township Civic Association is a non-profit, non- partisan volunteer staffed organization whose mission is to foster and informed and engaged citizenry. Kraus Marketing built a new website for us that is easy for us to keep updated with our content -- reports, photos and video.The experience was professional and actually painless from start to finish. Thank you Kraus Marketing Team
Steve Balog
Steve Balog
02:45 13 Jul 17

What our clients say

A great idea is only as good as its realization and implementation. At Kraus Marketing we combine great ideas with lots of hard work and an experienced project management process.

Kraus Marketing has helped us revamp our website, including new branding to help us stand out from our competition and make us more well-known. They have also increased our organic SEO to help us get on the first page of Google for many keywords related to our core services. Thank you to Kraus Marketing for all of their help!

Eric Speidel IND Corporation

I continue to work with Kraus Marketing for all of our marketing needs for Field Hospitals of the World. We started working with their agency over a year ago to develop our website, marketing collateral, and digital presence. They were extremely helpful and walked us through the entire process. I have referred them to other companies, and recommend them for any of your marketing or advertising needs.

James Noonan, Jr. Field Hospitals of the World

Patient, professional, outstanding people. I'm elated that we finally have a crisp, clean website that better reflects who we are and what we do at Tower Windows & Doors.

Janelle Krannich Tower Windows & Doors

Excellent team. Always meeting deadlines and they are very good at communicating clearly. Throughout the whole process they provide great quality work.

Clayton Hunnighan Project Tonic

Great Marketing Firm. Always prompt when responding to any comments/questions I may have. Very happy with the work they do!

Joseph Dreyer Brazilian Mat