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We know that a brick and mortar location isn’t enough to bring your healthcare practice to the forefront of a patient’s mind. Your potential clients are online, searching for information, reading reviews, and researching your staff.

Medical practices call Kraus Marketing due to outdated websites and low awareness of their brands. One goal for a new website might be to highlight the relatable and trustworthy feel provided by the practice’s doctors and staff. Another goal might be to build brand awareness of a new regional medical center. Other common marketing efforts are aimed at growing client bases by building awareness of their expertise and targeting demographics.

As a healthcare digital marketing agency, We provide the following

  • Brand identity. Branding is more than a logo, it includes creative imagery, messaging, voice, and more.
  • Website design & development. Google is tasked with over one billion health-related questions every day. It is very important to ensure that your website loads quickly, is mobile-responsive, and contains the information that patients are searching for.
  • Campaign creation. We know that crafting a strategic campaign before implementation can be key to success, helping reach the correct target audience without wasting time.
  • SEO. Have you ever wondered how a competing medical practice got to be the top result in a Google search query? Search engine optimization is the answer. Websites that utilize keywords, content, and coding help Google’s algorithm discover their site.
  • PPC. While search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns enable you to reach people more quickly. If you are looking to put out a time-sensitive message or get immediate results, PPC could be your best option.
  • Social media. Almost half of patients stated that social media has impacted their choice of a doctor, hospital, or medical center. A great social media campaign can put your medical practice in front of thousands of potential patients.
  • Email marketing. As far as we can see, email is here to stay, and could be just what your practice needs to reach your target audience. Email helps keep patients informed about new treatments, policies, or location updates.
  • An integrated marketing plan focused on bringing awareness to a local medical practice. Healthcare marketing is more important than ever. With a saturated market of practices all fighting to be the best, it is important that you are able to reach potential clients while keeping in touch with current ones. See how Kraus Marketing helped in the case study below.

    Our Client:A dermatologist in New Jersey who wanted to focus a portion of their marketing efforts on clinical trial participation.

    Client Challenge:The client had a lackluster digital presence and needed Kraus to brighten up both their brand and website. This required in-depth conversations with the client to make sure we hit the rebrand and redesign on the head without straying from their initial goals.

    The Kraus Solution:

    • Create a new brand for the practice to help them not only stand out but draw in a community of those interested in clinical trials.
    • Develop and optimize a new website that ranked well on search engines. This included:
      • A mobile-friendly design
      • SEO focused & keyword-optimized content to boost rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) and educate patients
      • Easy access to patient resources
    • Launch a social media and PCC campaign focused on generating awareness.

    Client Success:Our marketing efforts helped to increase participation in clinical trials, as well as the amount of patient appointments made. The new website, with increased page speed and user-friendly design, was a major factor in the campaign. The digital marketing efforts also made a huge impact, with organic traffic largely increasing since launch.

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