Medical Cost Advocate

Medical Cost Advocate helps clients realize more value from healthcare by reducing costs, saving time, and simplifying the process. All of their services, from bill negotiation, concierge advocacy, and on-call advocacy to claim negotiation and medical tourism, are designed to yield measurable value in healthcare.

Client Challenge

To continue driving business growth, Medical Cost Advocate came to Kraus looking to update their outdated website and refresh their branding elements. The goal was to better communicate their services to clients, portray a higher-end image, and strengthen their brand identity.

The Kraus Solution

The Kraus team designed and developed a clean and modernized layout for the new website supported by an updated logo design and branding. The new website enhanced user experience through visual appeal, intuitive navigation, functionality, and updated content. Kraus also assisted the client with website copywriting services to help showcase their brand voice and implement stronger page optimization.

From site launch to five months post-launch, homepage visits increased 219% compared to the previous year. That’s 1,379 visits compared to the 4,407 with the new site!








We started Medical Cost Advocate to deliver greater value in healthcare. This goal is often overlooked and rarely realized in the largest market in the United States. Enhancing value in healthcare is Medical Cost Advocate’s guiding principle and part of our corporate DNA. As we grow and adapt to market changes, we consistently keep this guiding principle focus. All our services, from healthcare advocacy and negotiation for families to cost containment for companies, are designed to yield measurable value in healthcare.

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