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Being part of the hospitality and hotel industry is more than just providing a place to eat or sleep, it’s about the experience for your guests. Hospitality often involves exploring new places, but it also offers your company the chance to make its mark on consumers. This all starts with implementing strategic hotel marketing before, during, and after people begin their journey with your brand.

Partnering with Kraus Marketing enhances your brand’s reach to both new and former consumers. Our hospitality and hotel marketing agency offers you a team of in-house marketing specialists and resources to craft a roadmap for your brand’s own journey to success.

What Our Hospitality and Hotel Marketing Agency Offers

  • Brand identity. In the crowded hospitality industry, having a well-known brand identity is a must for having consumers remember who you are. For those traveling, it also helps bring them a sense of familiarity. Kraus can help you develop a revitalized, attention-grabbing brand through colors, typography, imagery, messaging, and more to reach vast audiences.
  • Website design & development. Before people even step onto the road, their first encounter with your company will be your website. Having a functioning, eye-pleasing, and informative website is crucial for customers to choose your brand. When you work with Kraus, we ensure that your company’s website is secure, up-to-date, and user-friendly.
  • Campaign creation. Your hospitality and hotel marketing plan requires a well-thought-out campaign and deliverables for success. Kraus Marketing knows how to develop the best strategies to lay out the foundation of your company’s goals and put them into action.
  • SEO. The key to getting your company’s name at the top of Google searches is by implementing ongoing search engine optimization (SEO). Kraus Marketing specializes in optimizing your website through the right keywords, on-page and off-page tactics, and by keeping up with the latest algorithm updates to ensure Google ranks your company higher than your competitors.
  • PPC. Having a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is a great way to boost your brand name by reaching consumers in a prompt manner. With PPC, you can also access clear analytics to learn about the scope of your reach, including what is and what isn’t working in your ad campaign.
  • Social media. Social media is the key to attracting new customers and showcasing what your brand truly has to offer. Kraus Marketing can help you improve your social media presence on a multitude of platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more) to enhance your brand’s reputation using both organic and paid advertising strategies.
  • Email marketing. Utilizing email marketing can help you capture the attention of your audience and offer them connections with your brand. Kraus can help you develop an email marketing campaign that keeps customers informed on the latest travel deals, brand updates, and why they should choose you.
  • When it comes to hotel marketing and hospitality marketing, appealing to the consumer is crucial. Companies in this space must employ marketing strategies that are fresh, cohesive, and unique to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In addition, it’s critical to feature white-glove service and an element of luxury, letting prospective customers know that you’re ready to elevate their experience from “fine” to “divine.” Learn how Kraus Marketing assisted one hospitality client in the case study below.

    Our Client:

    A full-service agency of travel professionals curating personalized experiences with VIP access to the world’s best providers.

    Client Challenge:

    The client needed a digital marketing campaign to increase website traffic and their overall internet presence to better reach consumers searching for travel services. They also needed to create a sales funnel pushing clients to a consult call as well as assistance in bringing awareness to subsidiaries of their main division.

    The Kraus Solution:

    • Launch an integrated digital marketing campaign to generate awareness, including:
      • Organic and paid social media marketing
      • Email marketing
      • Search engine optimization and article creation
      • Website optimization and management
      • Create a branded landing page to capture leads resulting from ad traffic

    Client Success:

    Our marketing efforts helped to improve the client’s digital presence and increase brand awareness. The various elements of their digital marketing campaign—including social media, email, and SEO—increased traffic to their website and provided a professional online presence that better appealed to their target audience.


    The client’s digital campaign launched in July of 2021. To show their continued success, we reviewed data for July 1st, 2021, to July 1st, 2022, encompassing a full year since the launch of their digital campaign.

    • Facebook page reach increased 15.5K% (266,622 total viewers)
    • Instagram reach increased 2.2K% (181,646)
    • Facebook page visits increased 57.6% (651)
    • Instagram profile visits increased 45.6& (1,360)
    • Paid social media ads reach increased 100% (242,728) and paid impressions increased 100% (484,973)

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