Restaurant Group

Client Challenge

Villa Restaurant Group was in need of fresh branding ideas for ARN, a magazine for airport restaurant developers. Villa started their business targeting malls and has since expanded their reach and expertise, making airports their new target market. The Food Hall by Villa at Orlando International was developed with the guest experience at the top of mind. A diverse and expansive culinary offering, seating solutions to meet the needs of every traveler or employee, and an endless commitment to providing insanely great customer service are just a few of the driving forces behind this vibrant and successful redevelopment.

The Kraus Solution

Kraus Marketing came up with a catchy tagline and accompanying artwork for an advertisement in the ARN magazine that could be slightly modified for multiple issues of the publication. The main overarching theme with dynamic details keep the ads fresh, yet memorable.

Villa Restaurant Group Messaging

Villa Restaurant Group Magazine Design

    Kraus Marketing