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When it comes to the aviation industry, you know the importance of making meaningful connections with clients that will last a lifetime. Excellent aviation marketing helps establish trust with customers and ensures your company will be their top choice for traveling. Kraus Marketing understands how to develop aviation marketing campaigns that will support your company’s outreach efforts.

As an aviation marketing agency, we can help your company reach its highest potential in a multitude of ways. With our expertise and open communication, this process will be a journey you won’t forget.

What Our Aviation Marketing Agency Offers

  • Brand identity. Developing a distinct brand identity is important in reflecting your company’s values and attracting customers. We’ll help you create your brand image complete with appropriate colors, typography, imagery, messaging, and more.
  • Website design & development. When it comes to traveling, people want a smooth trip—so visiting your website should offer the same experience. Kraus will help you develop a website that’s informative, user-friendly, reliable, and visually pleasing.
  • Campaign creation. A successful campaign is as necessary as packing all the essentials for any trip. Working with Kraus Marketing will help you ensure that your ideas are developed with an emotional connection towards your target audience.
  • SEO. The quickest way for your company to rise to the top is by having search engine optimization strategies in place. Kraus Marketing specializes in implementing smart practices to ensure Google ranks your brand higher on a search engine results page (SERPs).
  • PPC. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns offer valued control and easy access to tracked analytics. A great PPC campaign helps reach more people effectively in an immediate manner.
  • Social media. Social media is a great way to reach out to customers on a more personal level, and offers an opportunity to show off some creativity. Kraus can help you develop a social media campaign to boost your brand’s reputation using both organic and paid strategies.
  • Email marketing. Email marketing is a great way to reach out to specific audiences and help establish longer lasting connections with clients. Emails keep current and potential clients informed about special offers and news about your business.
  • Aviation companies and airports are seeing a comeback in the wake of the pandemic. Now’s the time to make sure your business is ready to attract prospective customers and surpass their expectations. Updating your brand and website can help you stand out from the competition and let clients know that you offer an elevated standard of service. Learn how Kraus Marketing assisted one aviation client in the case study below.

    Our Client:An all-inclusive jet charter company operating out of a private airport in New Jersey, specializing in private charter and aircraft management with on-demand services.

    Client Challenge:The client needed an updated brand and website that better showcased their white-glove approach and all-inclusive charter and aircraft management. In addition, they wanted to better appeal to their target audience and get in front of prospective customers.

    The Kraus Solution:

    • Develop a new logo, brand, and website that:
      • Accurately represents the client, provides a great first impression, clearly displays their services, and showcases why they are the superior choice
      • Continues to maintain and grow the company’s visibility

    Client Success:Our marketing efforts helped to increase traffic to the refreshed website. With increased page speed, a user-friendly design, updated branding, and fresh content, the new website also gave the client a revitalized professional presence, helping them better attract the clientele they were looking to target.

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