Short Hills Aviation

Ready to fly? Meet Short Hills Aviation (SHA), a luxurious private jet charter service in Northern New Jersey. SHA offers an exceptional experience for its clients with a fleet of private jets, high-end services, and a comfortable terminal. Whether you’re traveling for its clients with a fleet of private jets, high-end services, and a comfortable terminal. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, SHA ensures a seamless journey, making every flight a memorable one.

Client Challenge

Despite offering top-tier services, Short Hills Aviation (SHA) was facing a branding challenge. Their existing brand identity didn’t align with the grandeur of their offerings and was not enough to attract their target clientele. They needed a sophisticated logo, high-production video, a comprehensive brand guide for consistency across platforms, and a modern website that reflected the luxury and exclusivity they offer. Recognizing these gaps, they approached Kraus Marketing for a complete project overhaul.

The Kraus Solution

Short Hills Aviation (SHA), seeking a comprehensive rebranding solution, turned to the expertise of Kraus Marketing. The collaborative project began with crafting a distinctive new logo encapsulating the luxury aviation industry while uniquely representing SHA. Following this, a comprehensive brand guide was developed to ensure consistency across various platforms — from the website to social media and beyond.

The project’s main focus was developing a new, sleek website that would mirror the brand’s luxurious vision. Beyond just the aesthetics, Kraus incorporated custom videos into the site, offering visitors an immersive glimpse into the unparalleled experience of flying with SHA. The outcome is a top-tier, high-production video that masterfully captures the overarching identity of the SHA brand. From intimate shots of the jets to expansive views of the airport terminal, Kraus Studios skillfully captured all the key elements that constitute this opulent brand.

Kraus Marketing successfully encapsulated the essence of flying with SHA by creating a modern and luxurious logo, establishing a thorough brand guide, designing a premium website, and producing an enthralling video. Today, SHA delivers an exceptional flying experience and upholds a consistent, superior brand image that aligns seamlessly with its premium services.


The Short Hills Aviation logo is made up of the logomark and watermark.

The logomark features a Dassault Falcoln jet soaring across a tilted globe. Short Hills Aviation is known for its diverse fleet of Dassult Falcoln jets, which are recognizable by their shape and impressive three jet engines.

The wordmark uses Sweet Sans Pro for its typeface, with a stylized O in ‘Short’ to callback to the logo.

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Behind the Scenes

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