Morristown Airport(MMU)

Morristown Airport, also known as MMU Air, is a publicly owned, privately operated general aviation reliever airport based out of Morristown, New Jersey. MMU provides its clients with a seamless flight experience alternative to the typically congested commercial airport. From private jet charter to flight schooling, MMU offers a full range of aircraft services.

Client Challenge

MMU’s goal was to repurpose its website to be more of an extension of its marketing efforts and less of a utility website. MMU takes great pride in maintaining their airport and wanted their website to accurately convey that they are the best choice for flying privately in the New Jersey/New York area through a clean and corporate redesign.

The Kraus Solution

The Kraus Marketing team created high-level deliverables for MMU, including:

  • Website redesign and development to provide customers a user-friendly experience
  • Website optimization to boost online presence and drive organic traffic to their website
  • Custom photography and videography services to increase marketability and branding efforts

We’re excited to continue working with MMU and provide them with monthly website maintenance to ensure their new site remains up to speed with today’s latest tactics.

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