Forty Pints

Forty Pints is a video podcast series where prominent business figures and marketing experts are invited to have insightful discussions about their industry and entrepreneurship over a drink of their choice. Hosted by Nick Kraus, CEO of Kraus Marketing, each episode explores a range of topics, from success narratives to practical life tips, industry insights, and the occasional nod to the art of beverage selection.

Client Challenge

To stand out in the competitive landscape of podcasts, Nick Kraus recognized the importance of solidifying Forty Pints’ brand identity and enhancing its digital presence. Seeking the expertise of his team at Kraus Marketing, the challenge was to develop a cohesive brand identity, create an engaging digital presence, and produce high-quality video and photography content to captivate the audience.

The Kraus Solution

Kraus Marketing implemented a comprehensive strategy to elevate Forty Pints’ brand identity, incorporating meticulous market research to craft a distinct logo, color palette, and visual elements. This unified brand image was deployed across several platforms to bolster recognition and appeal.

Additionally, Kraus Marketing revamped Forty Pints’ online presence with a visually captivating landing page, optimized for user experience and SEO. A digital campaign launched simultaneously on Instagram and YouTube to enhance engagement and expand brand reach.

In the realm of video and photography production, Kraus Studios orchestrated professional shoots capturing dynamic content such as interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and promotional clips. Complemented by high-quality photography, these assets were strategically deployed across social media and the website ensuring consistent visual branding that reinforced Forty Pints’ unique identity.
Through these multifaceted strategies, Kraus Marketing not only elevated Forty Pints’ brand presence but also positioned the podcast to stand out in the fiercely competitive podcasting landscape.

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