Deron School

The Deron School of New Jersey, Inc.

The Deron School is a special education school with campuses in Union, NJ, and Montclair, NJ. The school offers a state-approved private school program for students with multiple disabilities based on their unique needs and abilities. The Deron School’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment, family culture, and personalized curriculum to help special needs students reach their greatest potential.

Client Challenge

Without an active social media presence, the client struggled to connect with potential students and their families and establish an outline reputation. Metrics of success for this client included increased website traffic, more admissions inquiries, and improved brand awareness.

The Kraus Solution

The Kraus Marketing team implemented a fully integrated digital marketing campaign spanning SEO, email marketing, social media, and custom photography. Through targeted blog posts, social media ads, and a strong organic presence on Google, we helped the client reach their target audience and achieve their desired results.

Since partnering with Kraus Marketing, the client has seen a 134% increase in website traffic year over year. Social media has significantly impacted website traffic, with an increase of 650%. Lastly, organic traffic sessions have increased by 76% year over year. The client has now connected with potential students and families, established an online reputation, and achieved their desired results.

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