AmTrust is an exceptional global specialty insurer that delivers outstanding insurance and risk solutions to clients and partners through innovation, niche expertise, and unparalleled service. With over 6,000 employees worldwide, AmTrust has established itself as a global specialist insurer, offering comprehensive insurance protection, warranty programs, and risk management expertise.

Driven by a vision of being nimble, responsive, service-oriented, and entrepreneurial, AmTrust leverages technology to create value for their agents, brokers, partners, customers, and employees. They have a strong focus on providing tailored coverage for small businesses, ensuring their success is their policy. With a rich history and presence in over 60 countries, AmTrust has become a top U.S. commercial insurer and a leading global provider of warranty products and specialty insurance.

As a reputable company in the insurance industry, AmTrust continues to grow through strategic acquisitions and organic expansion, solidifying its position as a trusted provider of specialty risk and warranty products.

Client Challenge

AmTrust faced the challenge of effectively communicating their brand identity and engaging with their target audience through compelling content. Recognizing the importance of branding and content marketing in today’s digital landscape, they sought the expertise of Kraus Marketing.

With a reputation for delivering impactful branding materials and engaging content strategies, we were the ideal partner to help AmTrust overcome this challenge. By leveraging Kraus Marketing’s creative vision and strategic approach, AmTrust aimed to enhance their brand presence, establish a stronger connection with their audience, and ultimately drive business growth.

The Kraus Solution

Kraus Marketing proved to be an invaluable partner for AmTrust as an extension of their design team. With limited bandwidth, AmTrust relied on Kraus Marketing to provide the design support they needed. Operating on a retainer basis, our team seamlessly integrated with AmTrust, offering our expertise and creativity whenever required.

From designing various marketing materials to developing visually appealing content, Kraus Marketing’s collaboration with AmTrust was instrumental in enhancing their brand presence. By filling the gap and offering comprehensive design solutions, we have proven our ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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