Avoid These Web Design Mistakes

Avoid These Web Design Mistakes

Avoid These Web Design Mistakes 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Web Design Mistakes that Ruin SEO Rankings

Many new businesses experience pitfalls, especially when it comes to marketing their brand online. For example, web design mistakes could be the reason your website isn’t generating enough traffic or leading customers to your business. That’s because there’s a lot more that goes into web design than what appears on the screen.

Here are the mistakes to avoid when creating your website.

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The first and easiest mistake to make on a website is neglecting visuals. Too many conflicting or distracting visuals will overwhelm the user, yet too little visual interest will bore them or advertise that your website is unprofessional.

In addition, be sure to balance text and imagery. Keep paragraphs concise and select your images carefully. Nobody wants to be bombarded by blocks of text or scroll through pages of images to enjoy what your website has to offer.

Ensure that your website prioritizes readability as well. Text is typically what users will look for first, so formatting is key. Watch out for color schemes and the size of the text to make it easier to read.

Site Speed

Another web design mistake that could be affecting SEO is ignoring the importance of site speed. Many times when a website is loads slower than a user expects, even by a few seconds, they will abandon your site rather than wait for it to load. Try compressing images or creating multiple pages on your website to avoid slow loading times.

SEO vs. Users

Many businesses also run into the web design mistake of forgetting either SEO rankings or user experience, then failing to balance the two of them.

For SEO rankings, it’s important to focus on the format of the website and making your website easier to index. Avoid using Flash or JavaScript too frequently, as web crawlers have difficulty processing these formats. Make sure your web designer understands SEO best practices for incorporating keywords so search engines can pick up on them and direct traffic to your site.

The user experience is a bit more intuitive to work with. You’ll want to focus on simple navigation so users don’t get frustrated with your interface. Simplify links, clear any clutter, and make important pieces of your website more prominent.

SEO and user experience needs tend to overlap, so focusing on one aspect might help balance the other. As always, remember to keep your audience in mind when designing your website.

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