What’s Shopify and How Can I Utilize It?

What’s Shopify and How Can I Utilize It?

What’s Shopify and How Can I Utilize It? 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

What’s Shopify You Ask? We Break It Down for You

If you’re a new business looking to start marketing online, you may have heard of Shopify as a potential web builder. But what’s Shopify exactly? It’s more than just a site builder; it’s a support system to help build up your online business. Let’s explore more.

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It’s Not Just a Site Building Platform

Shopify has all the essentials of a regular site building platform. It not only acts as a tool to build your site, but has features to easily sell your products and contains a wide range of customizations. But unlike other web builders, Shopify caters to businesses with its eCommerce platform. Using apps to promote needed marketing or advertising, Shopify can help businesses customize their site to better benefit their business.

Shopify also helps with SEO for businesses through photos, tags, and product names. Shopify also helps businesses promote sales through social media sites like Pinterest or Facebook without having to go to a third-party website.

Inventory Management

Another feature unique to Shopify is its inventory management system. If you’re a business that sells both in-person and online, Shopify makes it easy to keep track of inventory on your website. Whenever a customer makes a purchase in-person, the transaction is charged to the website so that it sells directly from the business’ site, rather than on two separate accounts. This makes management of sales and inventory simple and less of a hassle when crunching numbers.

Overall Results

How do you know if you should start using Shopify? This site builder is aimed towards businesses in the earlier stages, but a lot of big-name brands use it as well. The prices are affordable, and the site is easy to design and customize to fit your brand.

If you’re a starting business that just wants to get to selling, Shopify may be the best option for you. With SEO tools to strengthen your brand name, Shopify is a perfect place to start your website.

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