The Benefits of WordPress Websites

The Benefits of WordPress Websites

The Benefits of WordPress Websites 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Why We Love a Good WordPress Website

When it comes to building a new website, you may be wondering what CMS (content management system) platform is best for your business. And although there are a wide variety of options out there, we find that WordPress websites tend to work best for our clients. From its custom design ability, plethora of plugins, and simple update capabilities- it’s hard to argue why 35% of all sites are WordPress. What was once a popular blogging platform, is now ideal for any business.

So, let’s dive into our top 5 reasons for building a WordPress website (and why we think you will agree).

Easy to Use & Update

The simple and intuitive interface of WordPress sites make it hassle free even for those new to web development. You can add new pages, upload blogs, add image galleries, and make text edits without knowing HTML. Plus, updates can be made quickly- and we all know that time is money- and without the assistance of a trained web developer.

100% Custom Design

No need to stick to outdated templates or templates that just do not work for your brand. With WordPress, you are able to customize your website 100% to your liking and brand guidelines. At Kraus Marketing, our team of in-house designers work closely with our developers to come up with a website layout that is both creative and functional.

SEO Friendly

If you’re building a site today, you better have SEO practices in mind from the start. Not only is SEO something you should continuously work on after launch to help you site rank highly in the SERPs, but it is also something you should consider during development. WordPress sites are built with clean code that makes it easy for search engines to both read and index. You can also build each page to include optimized keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags.

Plugins Galore

From SEO tools to e-commerce must-haves and social media feeds to fun, interactive additions- being able to quickly add plugins to your website is essential. Many of the plug-ins are free or come at a reasonable cost, so there is no need to blow your budget enhancing your site with WordPress.

Grows with Your Business

Although websites do have to be updated every 3 years, there are going to be smaller growing pains in between. New services, new employees, expanded areas of operation, etc. are all things that may come up as your business grows in size. Luckily, WordPress was built to take that journey with you, without the constant hassle that other platforms may present.

So, if you’re not already involved in the wonderful world of WordPress but it seems like a jump your company should be making, reach out to the team at Kraus Marketing. Our web developers and designers are highly skilled when it comes to building your dream website with WordPress. We’ll even teach you how to make changes on your own after the site is launched- or, we’ll keep doing it for you with one of our maintenance plans. Contact us today!

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