Getting the News on Social Media? Become an Industry Leader

Getting the News on Social Media? Become an Industry Leader

Getting the News on Social Media? Become an Industry Leader 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

3 Reasons to Write and Share Industry News on Social Media

While newspapers and broadcast television have long dominated the news industry, they have been on the decline. Digital websites and social media have risen to become popular news sources. In fact, a 2020 study found a considerable amount of social media users consume news on these platforms.

  • 11% of users consume news on Instagram
  • 12% of users consume news on Twitter
  • 36% of users consume news on Facebook
  • 21% of users consume news on YouTube

Brands should take advantage of this growth and implement a news strategy into their marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at three reasons your business should write and share industry news on social media.

1. More users are relying on social media for the news

As mentioned above, more social media users are relying on these platforms for their daily news. This growth shows that more educational and informative content can get the eyes it deserves. Keep in mind, it’s crucial to follow journalistic practices while reporting on current events. For example, always fact check, verify your sources, and stray from opinionated writing. It may be beneficial to create a reference list of verified sources you can use from time to time.

2. You’ll focus on sharing the most critical news

When incorporating news into your social media strategy, be sure you’re aware of who your audience is. Users will ignore or unfollow content that is not relevant to them. Industry news such as regulation changes, technology advancements, consumer habits, and more are topics worth sharing. Additionally, any company updates, such as nonprofit work, new services or products, location changes, and other vital information should be written and shared.

3. You’ll become a trusted source for your customers

Building a brand reputation on social media can be tricky and time-consuming. Adding news into your monthly calendar can boost trust and increase reliability. Your audience will look to your profile for relevant updates and know where to go to ask questions. By building this relationship with your customers, you can increase the interactivity and engagement of your posts. In your industry, your voice will stand out against your competitors.

How to Get Started with News on Social Media

By working with the talented team at Kraus Marketing, your social media strategy will become an integrated approach to reaching your audience. Together, we can create a plan that encompasses the most crucial aspects of your business. Reach out to our strategists to get started with writing and sharing news on social media!

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