is Vero the new Instagram?

Is the Latest Social Media Craze Trying to Be the New Instagram?

According to Vero’s Manifesto, “The greatest social network is the one that already exists between people. Vero’s mission is to make it available online.” Despite debuting in 2015, Vero only recently became super popular. Thanks to millions of recent downloads, could it possibly be one of the top social media sites? Stay up-to-date with Kraus Marketing’s breakdown of the app below.

Did Snapchat Rekindle its Relationship with Influencers?

In a move that brings the platform into the modern era, Snapchat has a new update that provides audience insights for those who have Official Stories and for those who have a large audience. If this sounds familiar, it’s because many platforms already provide audience insights for creator’s posts. At least Snapchat is fashionably late to the insights party, offering lifestyle insights that could bring Instagram users back to the platform.

So what is this new update, and why does it matter to you as a creator?

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A Social Media Marketer’s Beginner Guide to API

As engagement season is coming to a close, your Insta feed is probably flooded with wedding hashtags. You’ve probably seen a prime example of how API works from your friend’s “I said yes to the dress at [insert bridal shop]!” post. With so many designers and dresses out there, how did she pick one? It went something like this: The bride walked into the store and met a consultant…

10 Tips for Gaining Instagram Followers

Buzzwords like “hashtags” and “branding” can be overwhelming if you’re new to Instagram, and tips such as “consistent posting” and “audience interaction” seem unattainable to busy business owners. As a digital marketing agency with extensive experience in social media, we have compiled a concise yet comprehensive list of the top ten tips to learn how to get followers on Instagram.

Social Media Updates

The HalloThanksMas Social Media Update Roundup

A lot has happened in the last couple months—the HalloThanksMas season has come and gone, and it brought about many changes in the social media platforms you use to share pics of your holiday haul and of course market your company. Having a hard time keeping up as you strive to maintain your resolutions and keep your marketing fresh? Kraus Marketing has compiled the need-to-know list of social media updates.

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The Best Filters to Use for Your Holiday Festivities

The holidays and winter festivities are right around the corner, which means you’ll be taking dozens of photos in search of the perfect one that will gain you the most likes on social media. Whether it’s an Instagram photo or a Snapchat, there are several filters you can use to enhance the quality and ensure you get the most likes and views on each social platform.

For Instagram, it’s all about the filter. By carefully selecting one, you can automatically make an image appear to be in the holiday spirit. Here are the best filters to use for every winter event.