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Customer Testimonials Power Ecommerce

Customer Testimonials Power Ecommerce

Owning an Ecommerce website requires you to give your customers a peace of mind. You need to give them your word, and the word of your previous customers. Customer testimonials may just be more important than the price and quality of your products, because the step before they click that “place order” order button, is trust. So, what do customer testimonials really do?

Today's Laugh: Learn From The Best Of Bad Design

Today’s Laugh – Learn From The Best Of Bad Design

We’ve all seen them – bad designs. While some may border on hilarious and are good for a laugh, some may just be downright inappropriate. Many people fancy themselves designers and think because they have used Adobe Photoshop a few times, they’re now experts. But it turns out there is a lot more to design conception, production and implementation than the average person would know.

NYC Breweries Continue to Pop Up: Here’s How to Position Your Site

NYC Breweries Continue to Pop Up: Here’s How to Position Your Site

Good beer isn’t the only avenue to a regular brewery fan base. It’s critical to position your brand as a unique occupier of the market. But how do you make a good first impression to potential customers? Presumably, a quick Google search is a likely means to influence the decision. Which means your brewery website is your lifeline for future business. Learn how to position your website to attract customers into your store.

Businessman click on target, audience pointing to target is around target.

Branding to the Future: How to Target Generation Z

Generation Z, or “iGeneration,” is our future. They are the first generation to grow up with smartphones, apps, and new technology that wasn’t even a thought for Millennials or other previous generations growing up. Your business already knows how to target Millennials, but what many companies don’t know, is that their branding must be continually monitored to keep up with Generation Z and beyond.


Brand Marketing Strategy: Staying True to Your Brand While Branching Out

The balance between branding and adapting to the changing market is something that stumps many businesses. How can I stay true to my brand if I do X, Y, and Z? How can my brand stay relevant if we don’t do X, Y, and Z? Brands face challenges everyday, but having a good foundation from which to build will help with your brand marketing strategy and navigation, no matter the circumstances. Brands can build that foundation by establishing relationships and utilizing various platforms to connect with their audience. Below are our top three tips for staying true to your brand while keeping up with the demands of today’s market.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Sustainable Packaging Means for Your Brand

With Earth Day approaching, being environmentally friendly seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Between a push to eradicate plastic straws and changing consumers’ plastic bag habits, one cannot help but reflect on how their brand measures up in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world. Sure, you’ve switched to emailed receipts and the office uses energy efficient light bulbs, but when was the last time you took a good look at your packaging? Package design is an important part of branding, and sustainable packaging will help the environment and help you gain favor with consumers. It’s a true win-win!

Logo Design

New Logo, Who Dis? – How to Design a New Logo for Your Business

There’s something about golden arches that will stand the test of time— the same applies to a piece of fruit missing a bite. Without naming these companies, you know exactly who we’re talking about. That’s because they’ve chosen logos that, even with updates over time, are fantastic representations of their brand and almost synonymous with their company’s name. Designing a logo, or even a logo update, is a tricky task to complete—you want to ensure your customers know who you are while also keeping up with the times. Say goodbye to outdated branding with these five tips for spring-cleaning your logo that’ll have you saying “New Logo, who dis?”