eCommerce Packaging Tips from Brand Experts

eCommerce Packaging Tips from Brand Experts

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The Importance of eCommerce Packaging for Better Sales

Did you know packaging can be theater? That’s what creative genius Steve Job claimed, as do many other successful e-commerce companies.

If packaging wasn’t a thing and we could see our gift straight away, the thrill of the chase would cut short. The anticipation, the suspense, the surprise… would simply be erased. That’s why creative packaging is so important.

We have some tips for you on how to keep the excitement of the gift-wrapped hunt in your e-commerce packaging. Unwrap some of our key points below.

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First Impressions Matter Most

Nothing is more crucial than the first time a customer lays eyes on your creation. It now takes a person now less than 20 seconds to cast sunshine or shade on your package. You may never get a second chance to knock their socks off, so you better make your package one they’ll never forget!

Everyone Loves a Personal Touch

If your doctor suddenly started to refer to you as “patient” instead of by your name, would you go back to them? Chances are, you wouldn’t! Personalization is everywhere, it makes an enormous difference to customers. We gravitate towards things we feel listen to us, understand us, and pay attention to our wants and needs. When sellers create memorable yet personable moments through their packaging, customers are eager to do business with you again and inform others of their positive experience.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for the Win

Going green is great for businesses and the environment? What more could you ask for! Customers just eat up companies that flex their sustainability muscles. In most cases, eco-friendly businesses have a huge competitive advantage, since your brand is now crowned a responsible, current, and caring choice among the rest. In addition, using recycled packaging significantly cuts costs, not to mention your carbon footprint, helping your business financially in the long run.

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