6 Secrets of Effective Advertising

6 Secrets of Effective Advertising

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Do you remember an ad that really made its mark on you?

Which part of the ad grabbed you? Was it the captivating visuals? The catchy tune or slogan? The tear-jerking or amusing story?

There’s something special about ads that pierce through the clutter and connect with us on a deeper level. Studies have shown that effective advertising can have a profound impact on an audience, helping to imprint your name on their conscience and compel them to hunt down your products or services.

No, you may not have the nearly unlimited budget that some giants like Coca-Cola or T-Mobile have, but with the right strategy, you can still make an unforgettable impression with your target audience.

From our award-winning marketing mavins, read our 6 best secrets to effective advertising below.

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The Secret Sauce of Effective Advertising

1) Study Your Spectators

Before you blindly appeal to the masses, you must first conduct thorough and accurate market research on your target viewers. What age group are they? What are their characteristics, their likes and dislikes? What kinds of characteristics are they looking for in a company? Which platforms are they on the most? Acquiring significant information about your potential clients can help you correctly and effectively appeal to them.

2) Use Headlines with Immediate Impact

It’s no secret that advertising titles are worth 90% of the advertising dollar. If your headline does not capture attention in six seconds or less, it might as well be money down the drain. On any advertisement, the headline alone can swiftly solidify or destroy your chances with your customers, so choose ones that are unique, ultra-specific, convey a sense of urgency, and are useful to the reader.

3) Visuals, Visuals, Visuals

The human brain can process visual content up to 60,000 times quicker than text. Considering that the written word has only been around for a fraction of human evolution, this fact makes sense!

The right visuals in an advertisement will gently nest your point and hatch the story you want to convey. Congruently, the images and videos you choose carefully style the message you are wishing to convey. The more uncommon, unique, and professional visuals you have, the more attention your ad will have.

3) Spin the Color Wheel

Follow the science… advertising science that is!  Believe it or not, there is a technique behind the colors chosen in the ads and stores you see around you. People long associate shades of colors with the emotions they evoke. Using bright colors like red, yellow, and orange can evoke your viewer’s appetite, while using blue, green, and other subdue colors correlate with trustworthiness and honesty, which explains why you see myriad financial firms and law offices using these colors in their advertising.

4) Have a Call To Action

If you’re familiar at all with classic storytelling, you’ll understand that the “hero” doesn’t really get started until the writer pens that all-important “Call to Adventure.” And since your business is technically a story, it also has a heroic protagonist that will, in some way, need to be called upon to do take a life-changing action.

Make the viewer be the “hero” of your story by providing a call to adventure, or “call to action” at the commencement of your advertisement. Your CTA provides audience members concrete tasks to tackle in order to create the ending they desire in their own story.

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5) Know Your Options

Advertising has been around for quite a while. Hence, there’s many different avenues your business can embark on. Businesses utilize conventional advertising such as flyers, banners, pamphlets, and posters, while digital advertising offers useful options like video ads, banner, PPC ads (Pay-Per-Click), and many more. By conducting the market research we discussed in the first secret, you’ll be able to pick the best channel to appeal to your audience.

6) Review Your Performance

Show’s over, the curtain has fell and your actors have gone backstage. How did your performance stand with your audience? Comb through the metrics you wanted to amplify at the start of your campaign. If your performance didn’t peak in the way you expected, it may be time to hire professionals to help your presentation spark a standing ovation with your audience.

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You weren’t born to blend in with the crowd, so why not do everything you can to stand out? Kraus Marketing can help your customers know your name by heart through our award-winning advertising strategies. We create the advertising campaigns, so you can sit back and rake in the results! Contact us today to get started on your long-overdue successful advertising campaign.

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