The Science Behind Scheduling: Social Media Strategy

The Science Behind Scheduling: Social Media Strategy

Social media management refers to the process of managing your online interaction across all social media platforms. In order to stay relevant and visible in the ever-growing world of social media, it’s important to have engaging content that draws your readers in. Yet, an equally as vital aspect to your social media strategy is creating scheduled posts for that content. As a company, you want to ensure you’re delivering content to your consumers at the time they’re most likely to see it. While implementing a structured social media strategy may begin as a daunting feat, there are immense overall benefits that your company’s presence will gain.

Design Differences: CMYK vs. RGB

Design Differences: CMYK vs. RGB

A general rule of thumb for all designers is to use the RGB color spectrum for digital use and work in CMYK for all print purposes. Although this difference may seem simple, it is very important that designers do not mix up these spectrums. Using the wrong color mode could produce sub-par outcomes.

Branding Tips

A Human Connection: Narrate Your Brand with Data Storytelling

In positioning a brand, companies strive to communicate the most genuine and relevant insight into the success of their services. Consumers yearn to see those valuable links a brand creates between its efforts and ultimate goals. The proof is in the numbers, but sometimes those numbers can drown out the messages marketers are trying to convey. Thus, strong data storytelling provides a backbone to properly differentiating a brand against the competition.

Tips for Crafting a Powerful YouTube Ad

Become a YouTube Star: Tips for Crafting a Powerful YouTube Ad

Despite television consumption standing at an all-time low, video content is still gaining popularity – it has just shifted form. YouTube has been dominating the video-sharing platform since its birth in 2005. Today, 73% of American adults are frequenting YouTube. Within just the 18-24-year-old age group, that number rises to a staggering 94%. Given such high statistics, there’s no reason advertisers shouldn’t be taking advantage of this platform. Integrating a YouTube ad into your portfolio will provide a new, dynamic means of advertising while reaching your target market across all age ranges. When rendering your next video advertisement, keep these key tips in mind.

Businessman click on target, audience pointing to target is around target.

Branding to the Future: How to Target Generation Z

Generation Z, or “iGeneration,” is our future. They are the first generation to grow up with smartphones, apps, and new technology that wasn’t even a thought for Millennials or other previous generations growing up. Your business already knows how to target Millennials, but what many companies don’t know, is that their branding must be continually monitored to keep up with Generation Z and beyond.

Using Emotions in B2B Marketing to Enhance Customer Engagement

We get it- B2B marketing may not seem like the place to get all emotional with your audience. But, the truth is, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Just because the message you are trying to convey or the conversions you are trying to reach aren’t as touching as buying an engagement ring or planning a relaxing vacation, doesn’t mean emotion is eliminated from the equation. Emotionally targeted marketing can actually enhance customer engagement in B2B scenarios, just like in B2C marketing.


Brand Marketing Strategy: Staying True to Your Brand While Branching Out

The balance between branding and adapting to the changing market is something that stumps many businesses. How can I stay true to my brand if I do X, Y, and Z? How can my brand stay relevant if we don’t do X, Y, and Z? Brands face challenges everyday, but having a good foundation from which to build will help with your brand marketing strategy and navigation, no matter the circumstances. Brands can build that foundation by establishing relationships and utilizing various platforms to connect with their audience. Below are our top three tips for staying true to your brand while keeping up with the demands of today’s market.

Above vs. Below the Fold: Which Ad Placement Will Earn More Conversions?

It’s a debate many don’t even know exists: should ads be placed above or below the fold? What seems like a no brainer—many would assume above the fold, considering newspapers made that the gold medal of ad placements—actually requires significant consideration in the digital marketing world. Now that your world is turned upside down, it’s time to explore the ad placement debate and determine the best practice for your business.