OK Google, Let’s Shop: The Impact of Voice Search on Ecommerce

Gone are the days dreaming of having a butler and a maid at your bidding. Now you have an assistant in the form of a speaker compact enough to sit on your nightstand, kitchen counter, or whatever we’re calling the furniture in our living rooms now that “entertainment center” is pretty obsolete. While the digital assistant cannot clean for us (we’re not giving up hope), it can shop for us. This is valuable information for any digital marketer; the world of ecommerce is changing right before our eyes.

How Much Do You Know About Nofollow Links?

Just when you thought you might be grasping the complex world of SEO, something else gets thrown your way. So here we are, throwing that something new your way! But we promise you’ll thank us down the road when someone asks you to create a nofollow link on your website. So what is a nofollow link, you ask?

Online Shopping

Amazon’s Alexa Is Changing the Search Engine Optimization Game

SEO- It’s the inescapable service swarming the world of digital marketing for anyone looking to keep their online presence visible in the eyes of search engines. There are consistently new ways to increase your SEO results, one of the latest being Amazon. Amazon’s Alexa, the company’s voice-powered digital assistant, is now changing the way consumers find products by having them say out loud what it is they are looking for. Forget the good old keyboard search and simply ask Alexa to find you that new home stereo system or the best shampoo for blonde hair. You can even use the app for Amazon’s Alexa when on the go.

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Photography That Matters: Why You Should Use Custom Photography for Your Website

It’s oh-so-tempting to peruse Getty images for the perfect shot for your new website—or worse, Google “Free Stock Photos” and await your site’s fate. Images are expensive, yet so is a failed campaign. Stock photos may be ideal for a few aspects of your company’s marketing efforts, but step away from the stock photo search for one minute and read our case for custom photography for your website.

Website Design

8 eBook Tips for Lead Generation

eBooks provide the platform for going deeper than your blogs have ever gone or briefly skimming the most important points in a longer piece, for creating a comprehensive outline of a topic you know better than anyone in the industry. This is the new lead generation—not flashy ads and hard pitches, but letting your expertise bring your audience to you.


Is a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Google AdWords Really Necessary?

You’ve built your business from the ground up-you know every nook and cranny, every word of the vision and mission statements, and you have your goals clearly thought up in that entrepreneurial-savvy brain of yours. Who better to run your Google AdWords account than you-the person who knows your business best? But then again, do you really know much about Google advertising and have the time to utilize AdWords to its fullest?

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A Social Media Marketer’s Beginner Guide to API

As engagement season is coming to a close, your Insta feed is probably flooded with wedding hashtags. You’ve probably seen a prime example of how API works from your friend’s “I said yes to the dress at [insert bridal shop]!” post. With so many designers and dresses out there, how did she pick one? It went something like this: The bride walked into the store and met a consultant…