Metaverse Glasses: What They Mean for VR & AR

Metaverse Glasses: What They Mean for VR & AR

Metaverse Glasses: What They Mean for VR & AR 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Our First Look Into Metaverse Glasses

Hybrid technology is constantly fueling customer experiences, whether that means trying new hybrid vehicles or adapting to hybrid work environments. It seems that brands are engaged with delivering novel digital experiences to meet and exceed changing customer preferences and expectations, and businesses in all industries want to participate.

Partnering with Meta, the company formally known as Facebook, Ray-Ban has unveiled their very first generation of smart glasses that will help consumers stay connected to the up-and-coming Metaverse. These glasses were assembled by Facebook Reality Labs, whose current goal is to “construct tools that will help users feel connected anywhere and anytime.”

Can metaverse glasses and similar tech help you live more in the moment? Read on to find out.

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A Smarter Way to Connect

Ray-Ban has officially rolled out their $299 “smart sunglasses and eyewear” that allow people to not only enter the metaverse, but to also capture images hands-free, make calls, create under 30 second videos, and listen to their favorite songs.

Metaverse glasses—which can be purchased in the U.S., UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland, and Australia on the company’s website and in stores—are made using three existing Ray-Ban styles and are available as both prescription glasses and sunglasses. A new app named “Facebook View” stores the recorded content for the user.

Smart glasses have long been positioned as the next breakthrough product. This innovative wearable introduces immediate potential for crafting unique content and capturing real life experiences for companies worldwide. Ultimately, the tech industry’s final goal will be to have a single wearable that fuses augmented reality and virtual reality. However, since the technology has yet to catch up, Ray-Ban’s novel wearables are the first to step up and claim the space.

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