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Amazon’s Alexa Is Changing the Search Engine Optimization Game

SEO- It’s the inescapable service swarming the world of digital marketing for anyone looking to keep their online presence visible in the eyes of search engines. There are consistently new ways to increase your SEO results, one of the latest being Amazon. Amazon’s Alexa, the company’s voice-powered digital assistant, is now changing the way consumers find products by having them say out loud what it is they are looking for. Forget the good old keyboard search and simply ask Alexa to find you that new home stereo system or the best shampoo for blonde hair. You can even use the app for Amazon’s Alexa when on the go.

Social Media Updates

The HalloThanksMas Social Media Update Roundup

A lot has happened in the last couple months—the HalloThanksMas season has come and gone, and it brought about many changes in the social media platforms you use to share pics of your holiday haul and of course market your company. Having a hard time keeping up as you strive to maintain your resolutions and keep your marketing fresh? Kraus Marketing has compiled the need-to-know list of social media updates.

Google App Update. Kraus Marketing.

Google Major Algorithm Update Guide

Google rolls out a new algorithm update several hundred times a year. This may seem dramatic (because it is), but there’s no questioning that Google has earned its reputation among SEO kings for continuously rolling out updates. Most of these updates are minor, but occasionally, Google will drop a bombshell of an algorithm that shakes the SERP and SEO strategists straight down to their core. All of this may seem intimidating, but we’re here to break it down for you piece-by-piece, algorithm-by-algorithm, and animal-by-animal.

Web Design Agency Tackles the New Google Mobile-first Indexing

It’s been some time since Gary Illyes first hinted at mobile-first indexing at Pubcon. Since then, marketers and SEO professionals alike have been theorizing and discussing what this may or may not mean to their web content. Google has since been experimenting with mobile-first indexing and is begging to roll out these changes in small batches. This not only gives Google the time they need to gather results and tweak the process but also gives a lot web developers the time they need to prep their site for the mobile user experience.

Internet Neutrality law

Internet Update: Is It the End of Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality- if you haven’t heard of it yet, now is the time to catch up! There is a high chance that the rules of the Internet and its providers are about to change, and it’s not necessarily a good thing. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will soon take a vote to put an end to its existing net neutrality rules, which reverses the Title II classification of Internet providers. What does this all mean? As a digital marketing agency, we want to be fully up to date with anything Internet related, so let’s take a look.