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2020 Inhouse Graphic Design Awards [Winner]

Achieving Graphic Design Awards for Inhouse Creativity

Kraus Marketing has recently been recognized by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) for inhouse creativity. This year marks the 57th annual American Inhouse Design Awards within the creative community. Inhouse graphic designers from corporations, non-profits, institutions, universities, government, associations, media companies, and other organizations compete among 26 categories for the recognition.

Let’s take a look at the inhouse graphic design awards Kraus Marketing achieved!

Logos and Symbols

A staple for GDUSA, logos and symbols are often a brand’s first impression. For the Kraus team, this project has been underway for quite some time. We are incredibly proud to reveal it with an award-winning logo.

The Forty Pints logo reflects a more traditional pub style. It’s inviting continuity matches the welcoming and easy-going atmosphere the bar creates.

The launch of Forty Pints showcases interviews with local entrepreneurs and employees of Kraus Marketing hosted by CEO Nick Kraus. Conversations of digital marketing and entrepreneurial successes will flow around a drink of the guest’s choice. Our bar—built into our very own headquarters—will now serve as the studio for Forty Pints.

COVID-19 Communications

GDUSA appropriately felt the need to recognize the communication efforts marketers were providing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Being involved in our local community has been instilled in Kraus Marketing from day one, and we knew just how to use our services to provide aid during these times. Enter the creation of Feed the Front Line.

Our CEO, Nick Kraus, alongside other small business owners and government officials, teamed up to raise donations totaling over $70,000. All proceeds went to local restaurants as volunteers delivered meals to front line workers in the area.

Kraus Marketing created a social media campaign and a landing page to boost awareness of these efforts. Through Facebook and Instagram, almost 35,000 people were reached. Our landing page saw nearly 4,000 visitors with an incredibly low bounce rate of 4%.

About Kraus Marketing

We are a full-service marketing agency specializing in integrated digital strategies. Our services include responsive websites, comprehensive branding, social media marketing, SEO & PPC, and everything in between. With a talented team of professionals up to date in the industry, Kraus Marketing produces high-end marketing projects that generate the best ROI for you and your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!