Add an E-commerce Blog to Your Website to Drive Sales

Add an E-commerce Blog to Your Website to Drive Sales

Add an E-commerce Blog to Your Website to Drive Sales 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

5 Ways an E-commerce Blog Can Increase Sales

If you’re here, that means you’re wondering if adding a blog to your e-commerce website is worth it. The answer is—yes!

While search engine optimization (SEO) blog writing is a bit more involved than simply uploading a few hundred words, the payoff can be incredibly valuable. Here are 5 ways an e-commerce blog can increase your sales year after year.

Improve Your SEO

The better SEO your website pages have, the higher they will rank in Google. That means more organic visibility for your business. Your SEO can improve by writing blogs on relevant topics (i.e., questions people are actually searching), interlinking your website pages, and back-linking to create validity. 

Building your website’s credibility and improving its SEO can take time—around 6 to 12 months. The best time to start search engine optimization is now.

Become A Reliable Industry Expert

From tips and tricks to tutorials and breaking news, having a blog will set you apart and define you as an industry leader. After all, a leader isn’t just there to provide but offers the tools for a person to be successful. In this case, you want your audience to feel thought of and cared for, and that they can turn to you for their needs.

Promote Your Products Or Services

Promoting your products or services within your blog is excellent for a few reasons. First, it’s excellent for interlinking your website pages, which helps with SEO. Since blogs are typically an outlet to answer popular questions, it can be a way for you to introduce a new product or service and present why it would benefit your audience. Lastly, you get to show off your industry knowledge by knowing the competition and being able to communicate why you are better.

Generate Social Media Content

Having a dynamic social media strategy can increase your reach, engagement, and conversions. Your audience will grow tired of seeing the same types of posts and will look for something new. Keep them around by sharing your blog content! By revealing only a snippet of what’s inside, you’ll encourage users to follow the link and get to your website.

Create Engaging Email Campaigns

If you run an e-commerce store, you already know how valuable email campaigns are. From employing a triggered series to showcasing new launches to promoting ongoing sales, emails are a top sales-driver. They can also be a great way to share stories and real reviews, both extremely valuable for a potential customer.

Here’s How To Get Started An E-Commerce Blog

To truly get all of these benefits of an e-commerce blog, you’ll need keyword research, a strategic blog plan, and knowledge of writing for SEO. Work with the digital strategists at Kraus Marketing to assist you with engaging content your audience wants to read. Contact us today!

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