Personalized SMS Marketing for Your Business

Personalized SMS Marketing for Your Business

Personalized SMS Marketing for Your Business 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Did you get my message?  Oof, the cringe of being left on read. If your customers aren’t acting on your SMS marketing, it’s time to revisit the drawing board.

According to Duke University, the average phone user is bombarded with 65 to 80 notifications per day! With all this elbow-shoving for your customer’s attention, if your SMS strategy is sub-par, your message could be reduced to just a notification tone.

Break through the noise by upgrading your personalized SMS marketing tactics that will make an impression with your audience. In our blog, we break down how to tidy-up your marketing efforts to resonate with your recipients in real time.

Utilizing Personalized SMS Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

First, let’s break down what SMS marketing is. SMS marketing, or short message service marketing, is a technique used by businesses eager to deepen their connection with their customer base. They shoot messages out to their audience about exciting offers, careful reminders, and new updates. These messages can be triggered by a specific customer action or in the form of mass text messages forwarded to all recipients who signed up for the service.

But with another strategy to add to your marketing plate, you may be wondering, is SMS marketing worth the effort?

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Capture Leads, Generate Sales & Find New Customers

Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions. In turn, we can better understand how to provide the best possible experience for our target audience.

The Rewards of Using SMS Marketing

Enjoy Near-Perfect Open Rates

We all want to be listened to, but can you imagine every time you have something to say, someone is always ready to receive? This is the case with text message marketing. According to the latest study, marketing text messages are opened at an astonishing rate of 98% of the time. Basically, if you hit “send”, they are going to see it.

But this doesn’t mean you become trigger-happy and hit up your customers with any old thing. They’ll get annoyed and opt-out of your info. Make sure you follow text-message etiquette and tap them on the shoulder with content they’ll find valuable—not just three consecutive text messages about an abandoned cart.

Data is Easy to Monitor

Tracking made simple! Since SMS messages are sent to specific phone numbers, you can track the success or failures of those messages. This helps build up your customer persona much more accurately and augment your campaigns to be more tailored towards what your target audience is looking for. Look out for metrics like interaction rate, delivery rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, ROI, and list growth rate to help fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Superbly High Response Rate

Move over, email! If you thought email’s click-through rate of 7% is to be celebrated, wait until you see SMS’ 45% click-through rate! It’s a no-brainer that since customers are constantly checking their messages, they’re much more likely to click on a link you send through text versus old-fashioned email.

Tricks for Crushing SMS Marketing

Never be left on read again! Here are some tips to keep your customers glued to your SMS campaigns.

Personalize Your Messages

As humans, we feel validated when a person refers to us by our names instead of in a generic way. When businesses make efforts to utilize a customer’s name, their preferences, or even their birthday, it shows a desire to connect with them and build a lasting relationship. Customers will listen more, engage more, and purchase more when they feel important and included.

Avoid Spamming

No one likes spam unless in it’s in a can. But seriously, delivering one marketing message after another to your recipients will cause them to lose interest, potentially moving your subscribers to your opt-out list. An excellent way to gain trust from your contacts is through transparency. In the beginning of your message, clearly state your intended frequency and stick to it!

Use Images When Necessary

Did you know most people are visual learners? If you blend your text messages to have appropriate and captivating images and GIFs, your message will be more memorable in the minds of your customers. Images can also help slide in extra copy in your message without taking up significant character space.

Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions.

Perfect Your SMS Marketing

New message alert! You have a notification from Kraus Marketing… opt into our marketing help? We can help tweak your personalized SMS marketing strategy and accelerate your business’ growth, connecting with your customers in new ways. Contact us today to learn more.

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