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A Dive Into Google's March 2019 Core Update

A Dive Into Google’s March 2019 Core Update

While the majority of core updates are minor, there are instances where we will see a substantial percentage of websites affected. Maintaining awareness of these fluctuations may be the most important indicator that there has been an algorithm change, as Google often times doesn’t hurry to make any official announcement. The March 2019 Core Update, now official, is the most recent update worth mentioning – so let’s see what’s changed.

A Guide to Google RankBrain

A Guide to Google RankBrain

Are you familiar with Google RankBrain? If not, you should know that it is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google uses to sort search results. It also guides Google to understand each search query and more. In other words, RankBrain controls the algorithm on its own.

Search Ranking Factors That Affect Your Website

Search Ranking Factors That Affect Your Website

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? It’s a way to get noticed. Getting to the top of the results page is the goal. If you’re in the business of selling candles, you want to your website to pop up when a user searches “candles.” After all, the top three search results usually grab 50% of the traffic and engagement. Let’s examine some important search ranking factors by asking some even more important questions.

What’s Up With Google Easter Eggs?

What’s Up With Google Easter Eggs?

If you’ve heard anything about Google Easter Eggs it’s likely you’re very confused by what they are. No, it doesn’t actually have to do with Easter, but it does have to do with Google accentuating some humor through its programming. Only specific search results will lead you to these mysterious Easter eggs and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed when you come across one.

What the Google My Business Update Means for Your Business

Google is the bridge that connects customers to your website. The search engine has run countless searches and even owns YouTube. One has a hard time imagining a Google-less world. So how can businesses utilize Google to their advantage? Other than paying for Adwords to boost your SEO, businesses large and small can take advantage of Google’s free Google My Business feature. Google My Business recently expanded its update to allow even more users access to its new interface. Kraus Marketing has the breakdown for you below:


OK Google, Let’s Shop: The Impact of Voice Search on Ecommerce

Gone are the days dreaming of having a butler and a maid at your bidding. Now you have an assistant in the form of a speaker compact enough to sit on your nightstand, kitchen counter, or whatever we’re calling the furniture in our living rooms now that “entertainment center” is pretty obsolete. While the digital assistant cannot clean for us (we’re not giving up hope), it can shop for us. This is valuable information for any digital marketer; the world of ecommerce is changing right before our eyes.

Woman hand using touchpad on laptop at home

What Google Image Search Changes Mean for Ecommerce

Turns out, Google Images is used for more than looking up your favorite meme or searching for that dog picture you saw one time and just need to see again. Google Images is extremely important to ecommerce, to the point where Google is now making adjustments to better serve the industry.

Below is the need-to-know about Google Images’ updates and what you can do to optimize your business’ visual content.

Google App Update. Kraus Marketing.

Google Major Algorithm Update Guide

Google rolls out a new algorithm update several hundred times a year. This may seem dramatic (because it is), but there’s no questioning that Google has earned its reputation among SEO kings for continuously rolling out updates. Most of these updates are minor, but occasionally, Google will drop a bombshell of an algorithm that shakes the SERP and SEO strategists straight down to their core. All of this may seem intimidating, but we’re here to break it down for you piece-by-piece, algorithm-by-algorithm, and animal-by-animal.

Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Google’s Integration of Third Party Reviews

Online reviews are an indispensable tool for any business. Not only can reviews provide a means for customers to evaluate your business, but they can also open doors to improve on your SEO status. While established review platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor have been in the mix for quite some time, we are now seeing Google reviews make its way to the front of the pack. When these various review sources all come together under one umbrella, something remarkable is created. Join us as we analyze Google’s implementation of third-party review sources under their Knowledge Graph cards and what this may imply for your business.