Google Unveils New Ads Creative Studio

Google Unveils New Ads Creative Studio

Google Unveils New Ads Creative Studio1280960 Kraus Marketing

Google Introduces New Feature: Ads Creative Studio

Advertisers, assemble! On June 21st, Google unleashed their latest groundbreaking resource titled “Ads Creative Studio”, a neat, coalesced hub of promotional tools designed to help digital storytellers bring their visions to life through video, display, and audio ads.

A New Home for Creative Advertising

In the past, adverts were forced to juggle copious Google products just to propel a single campaign. Now, Ads Creative Studio allows marketers to savor multiple advertising tools, such as YouTube, Campaign Manager 360, and Display & Video 360–all in one place.

The following tools are coupled in their new platform, with plans to weave more advertising components within the next few months:

  • Director Mix – lets you customize your creative for diverse audiences by composing myriad versions of a YouTube video ad with swappable portions.
  • Dynamic Display & HTML5 – allows you to spawn bespoke and interactive creatives for Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360.
  • Audio Mixer – lets you generate tailored audio ads for Display & Video 360 swiftly and efficiently at scale.

Google’s New Project Asset Library Tool

Google has also been parading their new project library, a feature that allows users to design and manage video, display, and soon, audio ads. This vital module lets adverts test divergent versions of a single ad campaign from identical sources that can then be tailored and attuned to each unique audience.

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