Why One Social Media Platform for Marketing Is Not Enough

Why One Social Media Platform for Marketing Is Not Enough

Why One Social Media Platform for Marketing Is Not Enough 1280 847 Kraus Marketing

Learn Why Each Social Media Platform for Marketing Has Its Pros

Social media is what makes the world go round. Well, it makes the marketing world go round. Why? Because it drives targeted traffic, it can help boost your site’s SEO, it’ll help you build a relationship with your audience, and it can find potential customers who didn’t know about your brand before.

However, having one social media platform for marketing is not enough. Your customers, or followers, most likely have more than one social media platform themselves. If they follow you on Facebook, they’ll want to follow you on Instagram as well. Not to mention, each platform allows you to market in different ways. Here are the pros of each suggested social media platform:

  • Facebook

To start, Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy. They make it ideal for any size business, especially with a marketing budget, to market themselves.

This platform also allows you to share the basic information about your brand, pictures, and videos. If your business hosted an event, Facebook would be a great place to post those pictures and videos to share with your customers and followers.

Facebook is a great place to talk to your customers directly and even talk to potential ones. This will provide customer service and possibly promote positive word-of-mouth.

As far as traffic, Facebook can steer traffic to your website. If you were to post a blog or an item from your site, make sure to include that link so those who see your post on Facebook, can now visit your site with a simple click!

Finally, being able to offer deals and discounts is important to your customers. On Facebook, you can post a status with a discount code, information, or even give a discount if your customer “checks in” to your business.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for marketing as well as a great place to post photos. Adding pictures to your profile is useful but did you know updating your Instagram “story” can also be beneficial? For example, if you own a doughnut shop, post pictures and videos of your bakers creating the tasty treat and follow it up with an after shot. It may entice your customers to come in and indulge.

Use #Hashtags to boost awareness. This is the way Instagram users search for specific pictures. If someone wanted to look up pictures of dogs, they might search #dogsofinstagram.

Posting deals or discounts is a good way to draw attention. A post promoting 20% off of a product might encourage your followers to click on your profile and go to your website, driving traffic and helping to make sales.

Depending on the type of business you have, Instagram is great for hosting a contest. Post a photo or promotion text, and then tell your followers to tag a friend in the comment section and have them share the photo on their own page. This will enter your followers into the contest. So now they’re stoked about possibly winning something while you’re quickly and easily promoting your business.

  • Snapchat

On Snapchat you’re able to create your own filter or lens for your followers to use while they’re near your building or at a company event. Every Snapchat user loves a good filter or lens to pose with, and even if they aren’t familiar with your business, if the filter looks cool- they’ll use it.

Updating your Snapchat “story” is a good idea as well. Following the same idea with the Instagram “story,” it’s good to keep your consumers in the loop throughout the day or at an event. This makes them feel included in your business more than just stopping by to purchase something.

Snapchat is also a great place to host contests or give out coupons. Asking your followers to screenshot your post to be entered into a contest is easy for them and for you. Try posting a 24-hour coupon onto your story, urging followers to be on the look-out for your updates.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a good place to send out a quick thought or piece of information to your customers. If your business is having a day of deals, let everyone know with a short and sweet tweet.

Twitter allows you to post photos and videos as well, but the polls are where it gets interesting. You can create a poll for your customers to vote and discuss. For example, the NFL might post a poll asking who will win Sunday night’s game: Giants or Patriots. Their followers will be able to take part in that vote and discuss via comments, why.

It is important to have social media platforms for marketing. Social media will drive your business’ car in every direction. However, make sure you’re not just depending on one platform to do it all. Sure, your business will gain followers, maybe customers and traffic to your website with a business Facebook, but you’ll see those numbers increase by many once you add more cars to your social media train.

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