Recycled Content Helps You Stay Ahead of the Game

Recycled Content Helps You Stay Ahead of the Game

Recycled Content Helps You Stay Ahead of the Game 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

How To Keep Your Audience Engaged By Utilizing Recycled Content

Content rich in knowledge and relevancy will set you apart from the competition and drive users to your site. However, in order to keep up with the personalized demands of digital users, frequent content publishing is key.

So how do you keep up with the fast-paced atmosphere of digital information without overloading your audience with a high volume of material? Recycle content.

Utilizing recycled content is an excellent way to keep your feed active and engaging, while also emphasizing still relevant information.

Leverage Existing Material

Users are craving information faster than ever before, but attempting to keep up by rushing through your publishing process will only decrease overall efficiency. You audience deserves relevant material, but do not forego the effort it takes to write accurate and engaging information.

Pushing recycled content will ensure that your delivered material is well-written and on par with what users are looking for. Content from past campaigns may also apply to current happenings.  Sift through your library of digital assets and pick out appropriate information that users are still finding relevant. Perhaps they missed it upon initial publishing, or they will appreciate the refreshing reminder. You’ve already put forth the time and effort, so you might as well reap the benefits again.

Having a readily available list of popular and relevant recycled content will help your business jump into the conversation faster than your competition.

Experiment with Delivery

If your team spent a solid amount of time on a piece of content but engagement metrics appear to be low, there’s a chance your delivery was off. Take advantage of this experimental opportunity by drafting recycled content in a new way.

For example, you can try changing up the product picture to attract a new array of audience members. Or perhaps you want to try publishing the piece at a better time of day when you know your users tend to be more active.

Spend some time discovering the reasons your material wasn’t optimally delivered in the first place, and experiment with different placement options. Recycled content still contains all the rich insights it held when first published. Your users may just need that extra push before they finally click on the piece.

Inspire a New Direction

Repurposing content doesn’t mean you must continually pull from the same library of resources. Drafting useful content for your wide range of audience members takes a certain level of commitment. Put your creativity to the test and see how recycled content can inspire a new direction of information.

If you created a list of troubleshooting steps for a recently launched product, dive into just one of your aforementioned techniques. Breaking down previously published information will help you stay relevant amongst even more users. You are still recycling information, but in a more creative and in-depth way.

Consumers will appreciate a deeper analysis to your recycled content. In turn, your reputation will grow as audience members rely on you to understand their needs.


Quality material cannot be rushed. Leveraging recycled content will allow you to pull from your existing assets and connect with new consumers, all while keeping up with the fast-paced digital media environment. With a proper repurposing workflow set into place, each department of your organization can have a hand in delivering the information your audience craves.

Recycled content will boost efficiency and strengthen your reputation to keep your brand in tip-top shape.

If you’re looking to increase the quality of your brand’s content, contact the digital professionals at Kraus Marketing. We will help you understand your user, and develop timely and relevant material to enhance your overall site.

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