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New Feature Allows Reoccurring Facebook Donations

Social Media Marketing Agency Talks More About Facebook Donations

Facebook has been making it easy to raise money right from your social page, while also engaging and inspiring others to donate on your behalf. As of recently, Facebook has reportedly been testing a new feature that would grant users the ability to give reoccurring donations.

Currently, Facebook only permits one-time gifts. With new options to donate daily, monthly, or annually, this added element will allow users to donate at a frequency of their choosing.

This new component to virtual donations was uncovered by Jane Manchun Wong. As a student at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth studying computer science, Wong has a knack for discovering new and unreleased features across social media platforms. Oftentimes, she will post her discoveries to her Twitter feed prior to the feature’s official release.

This Facebook donations feature will foreseeably benefit nonprofit organizations who heavily rely on public donations to fund their services. It will also help ease transactions for users who are dedicated to habitually donating.

The fact that Facebook does not charge a fee for donating to nonprofit organizations is also a noteworthy perk. Users and organizations can be sure that the full amount of their donations is going entirely toward their designated nonprofit. However, only charitable organizations based in the US and some European countries are eligible to use Facebook’s fundraising and donation tools.

While this feature is still currently in the testing stages, it’s possible that it will be made available to all future Facebook donations. Only time will tell!

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