Twitter Marketing Agency

It’s no surprise that social media is constantly changing. It can be difficult keeping up with it and the ever-changing world of your business. That’s what we are here for! Let us help you market your business through Twitter.

Twitter has over 335 million active monthly users. 66% of people have become aware of a new business via Twitter. 49% of Twitter’s monthly users are following brands. That is a lot of people that your brand can reach. Do you know how to effectively use Twitter to market your business?

How Should I Use Twitter to Market My Business?

There are a few ways that you can use Twitter to help market your business, including:

  • Increase your followers. Twitter is a great place to share original content from your site. If you are having trouble gaining traction, use Twitter’s advertising spend to reach more people.
  • Search for opportunities. You can use Twitter to search for potential business ventures. Let’s say you recently opened up a new restaurant and someone tweeted looking for places to eat, you can easily connect with them. Simply, use the search function to locate those opportunities.
  • Twitter can increase SEO. Increasing the amount that you tweet will not only benefit your presence on Twitter, but it will also help your search engine optimization efforts. If your Twitter profile is set to public, it will be indexed by Google. Including relevant information and keywords related to your business will help Google and people searching for your business.
  • Easy way to reach people on mobile. Twitter is a great, easy way to reach people on mobile devices. If people have Twitter notifications enabled, every time you post a Tweet, they will get it delivered to their phone.
  • Engage. Twitter is an extremely interactive platform and enables you to speak directly with your brand’s followers. Engaging with your followers brings your brand to life and creates a personality.