Instagram Marketing Strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words. With an increasingly visual, multitasking society, people are leaning towards interacting with short form content. Instagram is the solution to reaching the busy consumer. Instagram management may not be as easy as it seems. The photo and video sharing app has over 1 billion active monthly users that share an average of 95 million photos each day.

How an Agency Can Manage Your Brand on Instagram

If your business isn’t on Instagram yet, you might want to consider it. It has the largest per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%. Mastering the platform and gaining those engagements requires strategy.

The photo and video sharing app has over 1 billion active monthly users that share an average of 95 million photos each day.

We are experienced in providing quality Instagram content for a variety of our clients. The process that goes behind an Instagram post and overall strategy is as follows:

  • Objectives. Before going any further with Instagram, you need to figure out why are you using the platform? What do you want to do with it that you can’t with any other platform? Is your target audience on the platform? What do you want to use Instagram for? Some ideas are to increase brand awareness, display your brand’s personality, show your product, connect and engage with your audience.
  • Content development. One of the first things we will determine about your company is if you are B2C or B2B. The answer will impact your overall strategy and content development process. B2C companies will typically use Instagram to showcase their product, while B2B companies will share their company culture. This process will also determine what type of content you want to share. Will you stick solely with photos or expand into Instagram’s other service offerings?
  • Theme. The theme of your Instagram profile has been the subject of multiple conversations lately. Consistent themes, colors, and images make your profile more visually appealing and increases your chance of growing followers.
  • Schedule. Content development is great and all, but it won’t actually do anything unless you actually schedule posts. You should develop a content calendar of what posts you will have and when you will post it. Don’t be too rigid though, leave some room for last minute posts and updates.
  • Measure results. The only way to determine how well your posts are doing is to measure the results. Keep track of what posts receive the most likes and comments. Calculate your engagement rate by adding the number of likes and comments then dividing by your followers.