Snapchat for Business

You’ve most likely seen your child, niece or nephew sending silly photos of themselves to their friends. If you were confused as to what they were doing and asked, or if you didn’t and are curious, they were using Snapchat!

The disappearing photo and video app has developed into so much more since its creation in 2011. Snapchat offers live text, chat, video, discover, stories, built-in camera lenses and even sunglasses! It has over 150 million, active daily users.

You might be wondering how does Snapchat affect your business? Well, if your target audience is under 25 years old you might want to consider getting into Snapchat. 60% of Snapchat users are under 25 years old. Even if your target audience is a bit older than 25, Snapchat can still be a viable option as 38% of users are 25-34 years old.

Snapchat reaches 41% of 18-34-year-olds in the United States in one day. There are a few ways that your business can take advantage of Snapchat and reach your target audience:

Behind the scenes of your company.

Use Snapchat to share a behind the scenes look at your company. Share a story of a company meeting, product creation, team outings, etc.


Don’t have the time to daily Snapchat your company’s life? That’s okay, you can use Snapchat to promote your brand in another way. Snapchat has a slew of advertising features your company can take advantage of. You can create a video advertisement, a sponsored geofilter, or a sponsored lens.