Just Revealed: Twitter Ranking Strategy in Search Results

Just Revealed: Twitter Ranking Strategy in Search Results

Just Revealed: Twitter Ranking Strategy in Search Results1280853 Kraus Marketing

Decipher the New Twitter Ranking Strategy

If you’re an active Twitter user, you’ve probably observed the new site changes without even noticing. Recently, twitter users are a lot less likely to get offended by trolling tweets or accounts and more likely to see progressive dialogue. This is no coincidence since the popular social media site made serious moves to improve conversation and overall user experience through changes in search ranking algorithms. If you’re not a regular tweeter, it’s important to mention that tweets rank in reverse chronological order to maintain relevance as time passes. Still, some tweets appear a bit out of order, and others get sent down to the way bottom of the news feed. The order of appearance is a result of the algorithms, and they function to properly display tweets in a relevant and timely order.

According to Twitter, one part of the ranking system identifies popular tweets and ranks it higher since it’s considered commonly interesting to users. On a similar note, accounts a user shows high interest in will conveniently appear at the beginning of their feed. In short, tweets and accounts that express possible importance to a user are favored in their twitter ranking. This way, time spent scrolling is optimized for a more relevant and personalized user experience. In regards to search results, Twitter improved its suggestions to display the best accounts for credible information. Now when a user searches a topic of interest, they gain relevant knowledge and avoid illegitimate accounts.

On the other hand, accounts intending to manipulate or divide conversation rank lower due to their stress on a positive user experience. The new changes in place detect the behaviors and reactions around tweets and accounts to discern if an account engages in harmful behavior. Identified negative reactions like comments, blocking, and deleting influence the system to analyze whether an account or post deems harmful to users. In short, it’s not so much about the tweet but what type of response follows.

Since Twitter is a highly conversational platform, execs made it a mission to alter the previous algorithms and redirect the conversation in a healthier direction. Hopefully, users now feel less bothered by negative tweets after a quick scroll on the site. From the reduction of troll accounts, Twitter creates a better space for users to participate in conversation without these old frustrations. All these changes don’t mean users are untouched by possibly offensive or difficult conversation, but it does ensure they’re more protected by online trolls and highly negative conversations.

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