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Social Media Agency Reveals Facebook Trend

How many times do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling on social media in one day? Chances are, you have not added up the minutes spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. These social networks do have those statistics. If you live in the United States, Facebook reported that users spend fifty minutes on average on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

At first glance, while fifty minutes does not seem like a large number, it is in the grand scheme of things. Facebook did not reveal if people spend fifty minutes at one time or if it spread out throughout the day. We believe that the latter is how people accumulate the time. This brings up the question, when do people spend the time on Facebook? Do they visit the app or website when they should be doing something else?

If you look at the fifty minutes spent on Facebook and compare it to other daily activities, it is a bit shocking. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that people spend an average of 19 minutes reading, 17 minutes exercising, 1.07 hours eating and drinking daily. Time spent on Facebook is greater than most of those activities, and it is coming dangerously close to the amount of time spent eating and drinking.

From a digital marketing perspective, the interesting thing about this statistic is that Facebook has continually grown its user base from its inception. Typically, what occurs when platforms experience large growth is a decrease in the amount of time users spend on the platform. However, the time spent on Facebook has only increased.

Perhaps, this could be due to the constant number of updates the social network releases. Each week in our weekly social media update posts, Facebook is usually the platform with the most updates. The team at Facebook is constantly analyzing its user base to provide an experience unique to them. Improving user experience is not the only purpose of analyzing the user base, it also helps provide targeted advertisements.

Another question that this statistic brought to our mind was what is the demographic of users spending the most time on Facebook? It was revealed that the majority of users spending the most time on the platform are between 18 and 34 years old. This group is highly sought after for numerous brands and advertisers.

Facebook has really transformed to be the social media network that every other platform is compared to. After reading the positive news above, you might be wondering how to take advantage of this platform. Here are some strategies you can implement when utilizing Facebook for business.

  • Retargeting ads. One of the best ways to convert potential customers is by retargeting them. In order to run a retargeting ad, you will need to add a pixel to your website’s backend. From there, you are capable of creating advertisements that reach people that viewed a particular product on your site, but did not purchase that product.
  • Be human. It is very important to actually be engaging on your Facebook profile. You should post photos that showcase your brand’s personality. In addition, it is crucial to actually take the time to respond to people that write comments.
  • Analyze your results. Analyzing your results is equally as important as actually creating campaigns. In order to succeed with Facebook, you need to understand what aspects of your campaign are working well, what aspects are not, and how you can take advantage of avenues you have not explored yet.

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