Digital Marketing Agency

Capture Leads, Generate Sales, Find New Customers Online

Everything about how we engage with our customers and sell to them is changing, in large part due to technology and the internet. We now have the ability to capture scads of relevant information about our customers, fans, followers, and friends—and use that information to interact with customers in new ways.

Building your business through online marketing is essential in today’s competitive and increasingly digital marketplace. If you’re thinking of generating an internet marketing campaign or want to freshen up your online marketing efforts, Kraus Marketing can help.

Our internet marketing services include:

  • Google AdWords, pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click programs (CPC) —build your internet presence and conversion rate through our well-researched keywords and smart search strategy.
  • Keyword research—our experts are on top of the latest trends of how to use search terms to our clients’ benefit
  • SEO copywriting, content creation—make your website work for you more effectively, add a blog with professionally written entries, post articles of interest.
  • Targeted e-mail marketing with links to splash pages and special offers—this is a great way to communicate with your customers and prospect, generate leads, and make sales.
  • Mobile apps and mobile marketing programs such as location-based marketing, SMS (short messaging service) marketing and integration across channels to social networks.
  • Advertising via social media such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to engage potential and current customers and build your business’ online presence.
  • Internet marketing to targeted demographics and relevant target markets.
  • Banner ads and online ads on all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).
  • Facebook ads—eye-catching headlines and images that entice click-throughs to your offer or website.
  • Inbound link building—develop a larger online footprint through strategic and relevant inbound links.